Legends of Belariath



They are your blacksmiths, wood workers, potters and glass workers to gem cutters. Those who create the everyday items and artifacts everyone depends on. They are the staying power of any town or city and will always be needed. Without them, where would beauty and soul be?

Character Creation

Allowable Races: All

Qualifying Classes: Base class

Type of Class: Other

Spell Spheres Allowed: Racial, common

Armor: A

Weapons: A

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 1 2 2 0 2 0 2


Artisans are people who have devoted their entire life to their craft. An artisan is someone who has taken painstaking lengths to learn their craft or profession. They are not content to merely make an item; they seek to make the best version of whatever it is their desire to create. They are often driven creatures, obsessed with their work as much as any mage or warrior is with theirs. They do not mind suffering laboriously over their work as long as they can be called a Master of their craft. For some it is about adulation, for some it is the obsession to reach the pinnacle of their skills. However, the unifying element that separates and artisan from others is their quality of work.


Anyone can create something with their hands and minds and bodies, however an artisan will create a Masterpiece. An artisan, be they artist, blacksmith, weaver or whatever strives to create a finished product that will go beyond those produced by lay workers and those who are forced into crafting or do it as a side element of their lives.


Inherent Skills
You may chose 3 initial skills from the following list and will need to add them to your skills section of your character sheet on the website in the following manner: Inherent skills: (name of the 3 skills you chose goes here). Here after, each time Artisan is taken, you will get to select 1 extra free skill and add it to your inherent list. Please note: The 3 additional skills only apply at character creation, if you dual class and add Artisan at level 5 or 10, etc, you get 1 extra skill initially then fall in sync with gaining 1 each time the class is taken.

Appraisal: Gems
Camouflage (using inks/paints)
Candle Making
Dye Making
Flower Arranging
Landscape Gardening
Paper Making/Binding
Patch Working
Soap Making

Body Arts
Ceramics and Pottery
Instrument Maker
Leather working
Metal smith

An Eye for Quality
To be an Artisan is to be a breed like no other. They spend so much time in the pursuit of perfection. They are a class that does the same action over and over seeking to remove all flaws from their work. So, because of that they are intimately aware of when flaws can be found in an item. Thus, the artisan is quicker at spotting a knockoff or fake, whereas, a non artisan would be duped to pay for the inferior product. An artisan will always be able to spot the best made product of their chosen field as well as most items of another field and rarely be cheated in transactions. This ability cannot be used in combat, but they can tell who the item was made by if it's a field they have knowledge in. Artisans are also able to break lesser quality weapons, but this process takes time. This is done one of two ways. They can take inferior items made by Artisans with less skill then them. That means that a Journeymen can break or reduce things made by novice and apprentices but not Experts and Masters. They can also take the item to an anvil or other similar equipment and physically break it with their tools rending it unusable by the owner. This skill requires OOC consent in order to be used in such a harsh manner, but is a valuable lesson for one who angers an Artisan.


Out of Commission
Artisan are masters of trade skills. This requires them to train their bodies rigorously in the pursuit of their craft. This leaves little room for such paltry concerns about magic. Magic exists, and is even used by some, but most do not study it overly. This leads to certain imbalances in their skills. They have no problem picking up the occasional spell, after all some are useful for them. Instead, Artisans are weak against it. This leaves them to being more susceptible when being attacked by magic, both close and far. Artisans take -1 at x1 -2 at x3, -3 at x5, -4 at x7 to defense rolls only. This only effects the defense itself, and not the damage roll.

Rich Tastes
An artisan will not knowingly use or wear lesser quality gear or items. They will seek out armor, weapons and jewelry made by grand masters or seek to make these items themselves.