Legends of Belariath



A divine awakening. An unrelenting thirst to gain knowledge of and achieve favor from the Divine, is what forms the basis for seeking to become a Cleric. A desire to convert those about them to believe as they do, a drive to be a role model for others, and a belief they are the voice of their deity is what sets them apart from the every day citizen. Their goal in life is to serve as a vessel for their Deity and to bring as many as possible into the flock that worships their Gods/esses. To serve as their Gods/esses directs them, according to the whim and desires of their faith.

Sexual worship, pain, pleasure, love, war even deceit can manifest in these stoic bastions from the Divine. Methods of worship are as varied as the Gods in the pantheon, from sadistic Kirva to joyful Ishtar. Their clerics are, however, united by the power of their belief. Unfailing and unassailable, their faith is absolute, a principle inherent to their very being, the rock their world revolves around.

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Cat People, Centaur, Chirot, Dark Elf, Dwarf, High Elf, High Human, Merfolk, Minotaur, Sithian, Wemic

Qualifying Classes: Can dual only with Druid, Knight, Healer, Monk, Fire Mage, Air Mage, Water Mage, Earth Mage, Priest/ess, Paladin, Seductress

Type of Class: Divine

Spell Spheres Allowed: Divine, Common, Racial

Armor: A and B

Weapons: A and B

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 2 3 0 2 0 0 2


There are those, chosen or called to serve a higher power then themselves. Some chose this path in hopes of achieving favor from the Divine, some chose this path, to aide them in deciding what their future will hold. But in all which chose to be known as Cleric, there is a desire to serve as a role model to others of their faith. A need to convert those about them, to believe as they do, to hear the voice of their deity, and this need sets them apart from the every day citizen. Even if their role is self serving to some degree, their goals tend to set in obedience to the Voice within.

Clerics are as varied as the grains of sand upon a shore line. Always though, their deity is served. Sexual worship, pain, pleasure, love, war, even deceit can manifest into worship, depending on the deity served. At sometime, each cleric has training within the temple they serve, and have bonded in their service with their deity. They are the very backbones of their temple, of their religions. Priests may be the hierarchy of the religion who mix their faith with pragmatism, but clerics are far less likely to have the awareness. Their actions are often times more filtered through their concept of what their deity wants, and how best to express it.


In some way, a deity was involved. Clerics are as varied as the grains of sand on a beach. At sometime they had clerical training in the religious organization of their deity and have a bond of sorts with their deity. Clerics are the backbone of temples and religions. Priests may be more worldly-wise, more cynical, more like the hierarchy of any religion who mix faith with pragmatism. Clerics are less likely to have that awareness and filter their actions more through their concept of what their deity wants than through self-interest.


Righteous Oration
A cleric with this ability, when speaking on a subject within the profile of their deity would always sound believable to the listener. The cleric has so much faith and conviction in the topic that their words ring with an innate truth to them. Those of an undecided nature who hear the cleric will find themselves swayed by the words in matters relating to the faith of the cleric. Those who have strong convictions may believe that the cleric believes his words are true more readily, even if the person does not. A cleric will also be automatically proficient in the unranked skill Oratory.

Religious Fortitude
Day in and day out, clerics are the ones outside of the temple spreading the word of their faith to those that wish to listen as well as to those who find their religion to be inferior to their own. They have to be strong of the mind and ever faithful to their beliefs if they wish to brave the populace and continue spreading their word. This inherent ability will often make them more resistant to the physical and mental blows of their enemies and blasphemers of the faith.

Mechanics: This advantage gives the cleric a bonus to their Res stat in the following manner:
Cleric X1 +1 res
Cleric X3 +2 res
Cleric X5 +3 res
Cleric X7 +5 res


Single Minded
Because of that same devotion that distracts a Cleric at times, it is not uncommon for them to struggle with maintaining their interest in things not devoted to their Deity. Until they have mastered the ability to concentrate on non religious matters, they suffer in their ability to learn the skills they cannot relate back to their God/dess. This should be role role-played out, as the Cleric tending to stay with skills they believe their Deity has commanded them to learn, or attempting to rationalize the learning with a "Higher Calling".

Narrow Minded
The cleric's devotion can often become fervent and narrow minded, distracting him from all other forms of training or skills. While others train for combat, the cleric trains his mind and soul to such a degree that his close-ranged fighting skills may suffer. This disadvantage is considered in-play for as long as Religious Fortitude is used.

Mechanics: This disadvantage gives the cleric a negative modifier to any close physical attacks made in combat:
Cleric X1 -1
Cleric X3 -2
Cleric X5 -3
Cleric X7 -4