Legends of Belariath


Earth Mage

Stability. That, in a word sums up the Earth Mage's approach to most aspects of his life and the world around him. Most mages are analytical, dispassionate (with the exception of the Fire Mages, of course) and logical, but Earth Mages exceed even the usual cool demeanor of the educated Mage. Quiet and calm and basically easy going until you hear the rumble of their anger. They are slow to understand the need to actually get angry. Their life does not revolve around those that strive for attention or to see something explode merely to see if they could. Rather the Geomancer would like to trudge through life, delve into the earth they tread upon, show those around them a whole new surrounding and the beauty one can possess by merely having some patience and a bit of upheaval. They can shape the world, literally..

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Drak Sen (earthly), Barbarians, Cat Person, Centaur, Dark Elf, Duessa, Dwarf, Fae (Mauna), Halfling, High Elf, Sithian, Sylvan Elf, Minotaur, Nymph, Ogre, The Tribe, Troll, Wolven, Vulpine

Qualifying Classes: Mage, Druid, Cleric, Ranger, Shaman

Type of Class: Advanced Magical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Earth, Racial, Common

Armor: A B

Weapons: A B

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 0 8 0 7 0 0 3


Earth Mages, or Geomancers as they are colloquially known to the masses, follow one of three paths; they are either students of Unigo, Umbara, or are loners and follow their own paths through the stability of earth magic.

Those who have followed the path to Unigo, are often found to be helpful, utilizing their talents to help those who work the earth, living in harmony with it to some

On the other hand, those who follow the path to Umbara are oft found to be using the earth against others, not working with, but attempting to subvert the earth to their own wants and needs.

Those who follow no path at all, are not as lost as they might appear at first, whilst lacking the concentrated abilities as their tower bound brethren, they in turn are able to take a little of each of those paths, melding them into their own unique talents and abilities, that make them more versatile than the others.

Lovers of both wilderness 'and' civilization, they are often at the forefront of construction, creating homes, bridges and other instruments of habitation, with a sharp eye kept on making the best use of the environment around them. They have a deep and abiding respect for tradition and the status quo, and have an instinctive distrust of wild change or impulsive decisions. This is not to say that they are slow to act or indecisive, for they are not. But, they are known to deliberate, debate, plot out multiple contingencies and possibilities and only act when they are 'sure' that it is the best path, unless circumstance demands immediacy. Change, for them, comes slowly but steadily, as they determine the best path to take into the future.


Their power is rooted in the land itself, but goes deeper than that of Gaea and the life that She represents. Geomancy is the study and manipulation of forces that resonate from deep within the land itself and encompasses all things therein, both living and inanimate. It sings to them, soothes them and reassures them that their power comes from something so old as to consider the elves and Gods impudent and impulsive creatures. So, the Earth Mages learn to respect and appreciate tradition, the time-tested things and ideas that have come before them, that have lasted and endured, time-worn beliefs. But, like the land, they accept that change always comes, but it must be 'managed' properly, to ensure that the traditions be honoured even as they are supplanted and replaced.


Earth's Embrace
Elemental mages gain protection from their element of choice, reducing the damage taken by an attack of that element against them. For each time they take their class, they get an increase in how much of a reduction in damage spells of their accessible sphere and element do to them.
Earth Mage x1 - 5% damage reduction versus earth spells
Earth Mage x2 - 10% damage reduction verses earth spells
Earth Mage x3 - 15% damage reduction verses earth spells
Earth Mage x4 - 20% damage reduction verses earth spells
Earth Mage x5 - 25% damage reduction verses earth spells

Earthen Caress
Because of their close connection to the earth and all her beauty, geomancers are able to coax and caress the most flawless of creations from her materials. For each time earth mage is taken, one specific type of stone or metal (excluding gemstones, gold, mithril or valecite) is chosen. From that point onwards, with the necessary raw materials and a few essential tools, flawless sculptures and items can be created by the Geomancer from those materials chosen, shaping solid stone or ore with strong fingers as though it were stiff clay. The materials and tools must be purchased and in their inventory before use and the creation of items played out with logs available if requested.


Gale Force
Because of their dedication to their chosen element, an elemental mage will be more susceptible to spells from opposing elements. They will take and additional 25% damage from spells of the opposite element and sphere of magic. Air spells will deal 25% more damage to the earth mage.

Bound to the Earth
With their extreme connection to their chosen element, the Earth Mage is loathe to leave the comfort of the earth beneath their feet. They prefer to be enclosed, and have an extreme connection to the solid. This makes it nearly impossible for the Earth Mage to take advantage of most forms of travel that will take them from feeling the solid earth beneath their feet. This usually manifests itself in an extreme vertigo when forced to height, or a fear of heights altogether. Earth Mages will usually do anything to avoid flying.