Legends of Belariath


Fire Mage

Representatives of the inherently destructive nature of their chosen element, Fire Mages - or Pyromancers, as they've been known to refer to themselves - are those unreservedly dedicated to not only compelling but eventually manipulating the devastating, annihilative effects of fire. The mage who chooses this element may study the chaotic element on their own, or depending on diverging paths, choose to become a member of Unigo or Umbara to further their training through affiliation.

In any of those directions, the Fire Mage is often viewed as erratic, impulsive and typically swift to anger; patience not being a virtue with this particular class. For some, they would rather rush in, flame everything down and then count what was left over as a failure. Their explosive ways both mentally and willfully tend to be what sets them apart from other mages of the elemental breed. What is life without destruction? Are they not helping it along? They do indeed seem to live that life to its fullest extent, even if they accidentally snuff yours out, or their own.

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Barbarians, Dwarf, Drak Sen (mineral), Cat Person, Centaur, Dark Elf, Duessa, Fae (bisque), High Elf, High Humans, Sylvan Elf, The Tribe, Torian, Wolven, Vulpine

Qualifying Classes: Mage, Shaman, Druid, Cleric

Type of Class: Advanced Magical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Fire, Racial, Common

Armor: A B

Weapons: A B

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 0 12 0 3 0 0 3


Fire is beauty. A force of comfort and pure destruction; fire has allowed the races to come out of mere primitive existence to the completely civilized cultures, for most, of the current era. Due to this, Fire Mages feel their arrogance is justified. Without fire, the races would be eating raw meat and freezing to death. With this arrogance, comes a hot temper, easily switching from a cool demeanor to a righteous inferno and back on a whim.

In the long run there is not much to distinguish a Unigo student from their counter part Umbara both flames burn just as bright, just as dangerous. The Unigo student however has made a game of the destructive nature of flame; the manipulation of light, heat and a passionate regard for the beauty of its combustible nature. They are entertainers at heart, they see fire as a gift of creation as much as they see it a destructive force of nature, often becoming obsessed with the purity of the element. The Umbara student is less likely to take its element and regard it with such piety; instead they are more attuned to the emotional influence of fire its passionate heat that builds into a wild uncontrolled frenzy. The destructive and stunning satisfaction when a good spell makes it all burn to dust and ash; combined with the rush felt at such a display can often make the Umbara student drunk on the implication of power, making it very easy to become addictive to the chaos of their magic.

The Pyromancer is chaos incarnate; as likely to set your clothes on fire as they would slap you for an insult to their attire. Just depends on their mood of the day. Just like a wildfire in a windstorm, a Pyromancer can and will spread chaos in its wake and enjoy every minute of it. Some might even call a Fire-Mage predictable in being unpredictable, creating reputation by this alone.

The Fire Mage who chooses the independent path are often called Rogues; however without a true path, the solitary Fire Mage is without focus, and while versatile, they may find themselves without access to create as volatile a spell as their counter parts. While a student of either Tower can specialize, a rogue Fire Mage cannot. Once a Fire Mage has chosen their path, they are bound to it.


Fire mages are more utilized for their destructive abilities than anything. Other mages have more spell which do not harm or destroy. Most fire spells destructive. Even the fireworks can blind if set off in a hasty fashion, the messenger spell, if over zealous, can singe the recipient. Fire mages are respected to their faces and derided behind their backs. They are bowed to in public and cursed in private. One must always be cautious around them and never know what might literally cause them to explode.


Fire's Embrace
Elemental mages gain protection from their element of choice, reducing the damage taken by an attack of that element against them. For each time they take their class, they get an increase in how much of a reduction in damage spells of their accessible sphere and element do to them.
Fire Mage x1 - 5% damage reduction versus fire spells
Fire Mage x2 - 10% damage reduction verses fire spells
Fire Mage x3 - 15% damage reduction verses fire spells
Fire Mage x4 - 20% damage reduction verses fire spells
Fire Mage x5 - 25% damage reduction verses fire spells

Soaking up the Heat
Fire Mages are tempestuous and hot creatures, no matter what affiliation or personal drive may diverge their path from the typical mold of the class. They thrive in environments that are best suited to their element, and while a flame will never be more or lesser be it night or day, often they will find themselves at their peak during times of lengthened daylight, or hot dry seasons. The dry crackle of a summer day as it makes everything even more prone to the combustible nature of flame; the fiery brightness of the sun when it heats the skin, the Fire Mage may find themselves renewed or invigorated by such things, their emotions more palpable, more passionate as opposed to any other day lacking in heat or sunlight.


Aquatic Demise
Because of their dedication to their chosen element, an elemental mage will be more susceptible to spells from opposing elements. They will take and additional 25% damage from spells of the opposite element and sphere of magic. Water spells will deal 25% more damage to the fire mage.

Hot Headed
The fire mage is so entwined with their own element that even their temper begins to resemble the consistency of flames. A single spark can ignite them to brilliant emotion, burning hot, and often lingering long after the incident has been resolved. The Pyromancer wears their emotions on their sleeve and often have problems calming themselves down, much less keeping their more violent impulses in check even when they know they are outmatched.