Legends of Belariath



The Magi endure changes made by their Goddess Morpheous that is both physical and mental. Souls that once walked among you that felt a different calling, a need to follow a new drummer set into their blood and had seen them marching out to embrace something uniq ue and something that can never be undone. Their world revolves around magic, indeed because of the changes made, they are in essence, that very magic they sought that no longer followed the usual flow and ebb of the elemental mages to the Arcana and now, with something at their finger tips that is of all worlds and yet molded to their Goddess thoughts and wishes they set forth and create and become.

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Magi

Qualifying Classes: Base Class

Type of Class: Magical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Magus, Illusion, Common, Racial

Armor: A B

Weapons: A B

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 1 6 2 1 3 5 7


A magi is magic. First and foremost, they don't just use it as a tool. It is a part of their very being, an element of their life and a goddess given right to even exist as a magi. As such, a magi is blessed with the ability to use magics that are beyond the comprehension of most non-magi mages. The mind of a magi is a powerful tool indeed. What they lack in physical prowess they more than make up for with mental fortitude and a strong religious connection with their goddess. Don't be fooled by their connection with magic, however. The magi may be a race created for the use of incredible magical feats but they would not last so long as a race if they relied solely on this connection. Cunning combined with powerful magics makes the magi an effectual force to be reckoned with.


There is a saying "Brains over brawn" and it couldn't be more fitting when it comes to the Magi. With their own sphere of magic and their intellectual mastery, they can be a great asset to any battle as well as to anyone seeking advice and council. They are warriors, advisers, scholars, and very loyal to their one and only true Goddess, Morpheous.


Defensive Aura
The great Goddess Morpheous is a being of pure magic and her children inherit her familiarity with the ebbs and flows of the energy about them. That, combined with years of training and practice, give the magi an almost instinctual reaction to specific magics utilized against them. Their aura flares up, disrupting offensive Arcana and Magi spells and aids in countering or deflecting them. This translates to a permanent defensive warding effect for the magi.
Magi X1 +5% to all magical defense rolls against Arcane and Magus sphere spells
Magi X3 +10% to all magical defense rolls against Arcane and Magus sphere spells
Magi X5 +15% to all magical defense rolls against Arcane and Magus sphere spells
Magi X7 +20% to all magical defense rolls against Arcane and Magus sphere spells

So attuned with the very concept and ideas of magic, the magi finds basic spells to be as easy to cast as breathing. Any spell from the common sphere can be cast by a magi without the use of combining both hand gestures and chanting. If the magi's hands were tied up, they could chant and if they were only gagged then they could do the hand gestures. Sadly, if they were both bound and gagged, then this ability is null.


Blind Faith
The ruby temple of the magi has made many efforts to try and train the Magi to not rely just upon their magics in a conflict, but their attempts haven't had much of an effect. Most magi place ironclad trust in their shields and magical defenses to protect them from harm, more prone to attempting to endure rather than dodge blows aimed at them. It's no wonder that due to this nature of their people that the Magi prefer ranged combat above all else.
Magi X1 -5% to all close physical defense rolls
Magi X3 -10% to all close physical defense rolls
Magi X5 -15% to all close Physical defense rolls
Magi X7 -20% to all close Physical defense rolls

Unsubtle Magic
When a magi casts a spell, even if it is a basic and simple spell, they tend to make a display of it even when they don't mean to. The flaring of their wings, the show of their auras, overly dramatic hand symbols are just some of the ways that a magi can wind up letting anyone around them onto the fact that a spell is being cast by them.