Legends of Belariath



They are the ultimate trackers and woodsmen, the stewards of the forests. The Rangers are more adept, and more at home in the the thick of the forests than they ever are in the cities of people. That's not to say that they hate cities, or hate people, rather, they prefer to be out in the world where nature reigns supreme. Rangers are the few that stalk the hidden paths of the forest, that forage for food and bring game back to the towns to feed the many. Although stoic, and sometimes aloof, they are not outcasts, but choose their lonely way of life for themselves. They blend into the wild, belonging there as much as any other denizen of the forest - though a Ranger, unlike a fox or a deer, often takes action to preserve the peaceful atmosphere he treasures so. This class is highly prized by those seeking a more rugged, self-sufficient way of life, but also the skill to work, seamlessly, within what most simply look upon as beauty. Rangers know the truth of Nature, of the Forest and their place within it, better than any.

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Barbarian, Cat Person, Centaur, Dark Elf, Drak Sen (earthly), Dwarf, Goblin, Halfling, High Elf, High Human, Pixie, Sithian, Sheyka, Sylvan Elf, The Tribe, Torian, Vulpine, Wemic, Wolven

Qualifying Classes: Base Class

Type of Class: Physical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Racial, Common

Armor: A B C (leather or mithril chain only, except for Vambraces and Greaves)

Weapons: A B C (only bows from C)

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 1 3 2 2 0 0 1


Tracker. Woodsman. Steward of the forests. The Ranger is more adept, and more at home in the thick of the forests than they are in the cities of people. It is not to say that they hate the cities, or people in general it is that they feel more at home in the words where nature reigns supreme. They are the people who blaze trails through the forest, unnoticed, that can track food, and bring it back. Only druids or clerics of Gaea might boast to be as connected to the world around them more than Rangers; attuned as they are, knowing how to survive amongst the wilds, what plants are best used to sustain them or heal, what traps might be best to bring down their next meal - or a foolhardy enemy.

"live to fight another day" and will not hesitate to make their escape if they've happened to have been caught ill prepared, seeking the forest to camouflage them. Victor beware, though Rangers are not seekers of vengeance, neither do they forget and the next rustling of leaves, or tremble of bush, could be the last thing you hear or see.


Unseen, unheard, and sometimes forgotten, the Ranger is the forest-dweller who treks in and out of the forest at their own discretion, and has skills in hunting and tracking that are almost unmatched. Since they live, breath, draw strength from and, when the time comes, die in the forest if at all possible, they are fierce protectors of that which they depend on. They wear mainly what they can make themselves, or fashion from things of the forest, for the most part. Light armors, weaponry they can carry on themselves at all times, considering they've need for quickness of feet to keep moving in the vast forests. They prefer the bow, but this is not to say they have no skill at swordplay. They are also quick thinkers as well as agile fighters, thus the term "Brains over brawn" aptly describes a Ranger, as they will think out the best way to cripple or immobilize an opponent before ever actually making an action to do so. Their skills are better suited for one on one combat as they tend to rely on the element of surprise.


The Ranger is a hearty sort. One has to be, after all, if one is going to live so close to the land. Indeed, their experience in the wilds allows them to know tricks (or learn them quickly) for living through the harshest of situations that nature can throw at them. As such, the Ranger is considered to have survival in all terrains and seasons, and can do basic maintenance on their equipment.

Hunter's Eye
Whether from long hours of practice in the forests of Nanthalion, or a simple natural ability, ranged weaponry bends itself easily to the will of the Ranger. Bows, hurled knives, even slings are easily mastered by this class, giving rise to the reputation of the Ranger as a fierce ranged combatant. This manifests as a bonus to all ranged physical attack dice rolls, dependent on the number of times Ranger has been taken - +1 at Ranger x1, +2 at Ranger x3, +3 at Ranger x 5, +4 at Ranger x7. This ability is not automatic and must be stated at the beginning of combat. Should the ranger choose to use Hunter's Eye, then the disadvantage, Mercy's hesitation will also be in affect.


Civilization's Distaste
One who becomes a Ranger has a tendency to become one with the land, perhaps not in the magical way of the Druid, but they still think of wide open spaces and wild hunts as more of a home than four walls will ever be. Though they can frequent town, they will probably prefer smaller homesteads in the woods over the blight that happens when many people live in a small area. They may even feel that the large structures and groupings of houses destroy the natural splendor of the land. A Ranger may even take a room in the inn, though they will always feel more at home amongst the trees.

Mercy's Hesitation
Rangers are not warriors by trade. While they might find it easy enough to put an arrow in a man's chest at fifty paces, at two, or three paces, with a dagger in their hand and the whites of his eyes shining, it's an entirely different story. A Ranger is at a disadvantage because of this unfamiliarity, this too-close-for-comfort type of fighting, so a wise Ranger keeps his distance. Mechanically, this manifests as a penalty to any close physical attack, dependent on the number of times Ranger has been taken. -1 at Ranger x1, -2 at Ranger x3, -3 at Ranger x 5, -4 at Ranger x7. This disadvantage is only active should the ranger use the Hunter's eye advantage and lasts until the end of combat.