Legends of Belariath



The Warlord by definition is a leader of men; whether by title, status, rank, or by strength, they hold power over men and are looked upon for orders. They prefer tactical measures to charging forth, disliking the hot headed fools that never listen and vow to shape them into a more easily led solider. You will oft find them surrounded by warriors to barbarians and those at times that would rather be followed than lead. Quick witted thinkers they can size up their opponent and take them down very quickly. Never give these men and women any opening or it will be your downfall and they will be left by the fireside with a bard singing their praises and the ale might be flowing. In the meantime, you are still upon the ground, kissing dirt.

Character Creation

Allowable Races:Barbarian, Cat Person, Dark Elf, Drak Sen (Mineral), Drak Sen (Metallic), Dwarf, Goblin, High Elf, High Human, Minotaur, Ogre, Troll, Wolven, Vulpine

Qualifying Classes: Warrior, Knight, Ranger

Type of Class: Advanced Physical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Common

Armor: A B C D

Weapons: A B C D

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 7 1 3 1 0 0 6


The Warlord by definition is a leader of men, whether by title, status, rank, or by strength, they hold power over men and looked upon for orders. They are the ones who know how and where to hit an enemy by tactical strikes and know how to cripple their resistance. The capabilities and charisma of the Warlord brings him respect on the battlefield as well as off. One-on-one the Warlord is one of the fiercest combatants, but one with a calculating eye, not going into battle mindless, but with a plan to take out his opponents.

Knowing your enemy is important, nearly more then knowing yourself. The martial prowess with weapons of the Warlord is his most prized skill. He relies on his abilities to ward off the infernal magics and slay down his opponents with a few key blows of his blade or other weapon he then wields.

While he disdains magic for himself, the Warlord will not make the mistake of underestimating the power of magic in a battle. He will even appreciate a mage fighting on his side to take out the first lines of combatants if possible with their long ranged magic's of destruction. A Warlord will see them as siege machines, frail, but very destructive.


Strong and agile, the power within the warlord is more than just of physical brute strength, but also to that of charisma and ability to govern men at the right moments. A lifting of a hand speaks a thousand words and men move knowing what is meant from the simplest of gestures. A silent command is just as powerful as the voice that can boom out from the Warlord himself.


Tactical prowess
A warlord that analyzes a fight (see disadvantage) will, from that round on, gain understanding for how his opponent is going to fight, what his most probable moves are and can prepare accordingly. Being studied in all kinds of warfare he is even able to prepare for magical attacks, and thus even those would be less likely to really hit him, if he decided to brace for them.

Mechanics: For each time warlord class is taken, a +1 bonus is given, to a cumulative bonus of +5 at Warlord x 5. The warlord can the decide to add the bonus to either

  1. Offensive: All his physical attacks (CloPhyAtk,RanPhyAtk) or
  2. Defensive: All his physical defenses (CloPhyDef,RanPhyDef) or
  3. Counter Magic: All his magical defenses (CloMagDef,RanMagDef)

A warlord can't boost magical attacks. You cannot attack if you cannot cast.

Attracting an Entourage
Warlords are leaders and as they grow in prestige and demonstrate this power, they will attract followers. Due to this prestige, a Warlord is able to build a compound or keep at a decreased rate. After the keep is built, the Warlord will begin to attract followers, a small entourage of ever available underlings to assist in mundane tasks, run errand and even deliver messages, such as a squire. As they grow in power and prestige the quality of follower will increase. At lower prestige, (ie Warlord levels) they may only attract a groomsman to attend a mount. However at the highest level, they may have attracted a season knight who has pledged his loyalty and can oversee the running of the warlords garrison. This entourage will not be large, no more than five followers and they would never interfere in the personal matters of the Warlord. An insult will not be dealt with by this group, but a Warlord is sure to learn of it. The entourage will never dishonor their leader by joining a one on one fight that the Warlord is engaged in, but would be able to participate in larger quests and events, defending the Warlord to the best of their ability. The entourage would fight as one unit having 25% the stats of the Warlord. For each level of Warlord taken, the Warlord adds one follower to his entourage.


Null Magica
Having spent all of their time and energies on battles and strategic planning, they have not the time to keep up in magical studies. Their time is spent reading and learning from past war heroes and studying their strategies. As a result, they do not pride themselves in learning magic and what spells they once knew, becomes lost due to not keeping up with the practice required. Upon taking the class of Warlord, they must seek out a Sorcerers Sanctuary representative to have their spells inventory wiped clean of all but their basic OOB spells. A Warlord may not possess any spells but OOB, though they may have items enchanted with spells.

Careful Tactician
When in a fight the Warlord can decide that he wants to give the first action to his opponent (no dice are rolled). He does this to learn about his opponent, to be able to better fight him. The decision to give up his initiative and first action must be made in the beginning of the fight in order to gain "Tactical Prowess", if they choose not to do this, they cannot do so later.