Legends of Belariath


Water Mage

Exemplars of the element the mage has chosen to master, the Water Mage can be either a student of Unigo, a student of Umbara, or they may choose to follow their own path. Regardless, the Water Mage learns to deal with all things liquid and viscous, whether it is regarding themselves, or those around them.

They are Masterís of their element, and all that seems connected to it would benefit or suffer at the vicarious mood of the mage. Fluid, adaptable, highly unstable but deep and all-consuming, they have the power to provide the life sustaining element that can both hinder or help; on the other side, a clinical mind and cold heart can often show a cruel, selfish divergence of the element, and when applied right can freeze an enemy in its track.

Water is a perpetually flowing thing similar to the mind, which is endlessly evolving, growing and adapting continuously. Thus making water a chaotic element much like its counterpart, fire. However, unlike their flame wielding opposites, Water Mages are neither radically aggressive nor violent. Instead they are completely haphazard and irregular. They are not a typical wielder of the magics but rather prefer to remain their own mystery both in depth of character and what they do.

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Drak Sen (bejeweled), Swan Maiden, Cat Person, Chirot, Dark Elf, Duessa, Halfling, High Elf, Sylvan Elf, Merfolk, Nymph, The Tribe, Wolven, Vulpine

Qualifying Classes: Cleric, Druid, Mage, Shaman

Type of Class: Advanced Magical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Water, Ice, Racial, Common

Armor: A B

Weapons: A B

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 0 12 0 3 0 0 3


Exemplars of the element the mage has chosen to master, the Water Mage can be either a student of Unigo, a student of Umbara, or they may choose to follow their own path. Regardless, the Water Mage learns to deal with all things liquid and viscous, whether it is regarding themselves, or those around them. Those who chose the path of Unigo are most commonly associated with the more fluid representation of the element. They are continually changing and moving to adapt to their environment, whereas the path of Umbara often is predisposed to the most rigid and cold of the class.

All Water Mages are neither radically aggressive nor violent, but instead, completely haphazard and irregular. The Unigo mage might have the tendency to change emotions at the drop of a hat; however, just as deep as those emotions might be before their vicarious shift, the Unigo student will always appear to seek the deeper truth beneath what something might appear upon the surface. It is hard to pin-point what direction they will inevitable follow, but rarely is there an obstacle they can not erode at until they can break through with a rush of victory. In contrast the Umbara student seems to always focus on the physical traits of the element, the weight and tactical power of it; often cruel, a veneer of icy rigidity, the Umbara student will often approach something with a cool clinical mindset, little care for others when it comes to the wintry perfection of their craft.

Water Mages can generally be considered as the center point of all elemental mages. They aren't as single minded, and self absorbed as those of the Earth, aren't as reposeful and deliberate as those who control the Air, nor as annihilative and slaughterous as the Fire Mage. Instead, they are erratic, unpredictable, and fluctuating. Being so incredibly spontaneous, they are widely considered the most lethal of all the elemental mages.

The Water Mage who chooses the independent path are often called Rogues; however without a true path, the solitary water-mage is without focus, more so than their fluid disposition might proscribe. Whilst the students of the towers can specialize, the rogue Water Mage cannot. Once a Water Mage has chosen their path, they are bound to it.


Cold of flesh, and typically even more chilly of heart; A Water Mage isn't as discernible as others who choose contrasting elemental paths. Though, like the manipulators of flame, they normally prove swift to anger - However, unlike their flame opposites, they're often just as quick to calm.

Unknowledgeable and ignorant individuals believe that is those of the Earth that spark change and growth; however, it is in fact those of Water. What animal, plant, or any sentient being can live without the most indispensable asset that is water? Undoubtedly, if it weren't for the life-giving necessities implemented by this liquid, Belariath would prove nothing more than a barren, lifeless wasteland, unsuitable for any to inhabit.


Ocean's Submersion
Elemental mages gain protection from their element of choice, reducing the damage taken by an attack of that element against them. For each time they take their class, they get an increase in how much of a reduction in damage spells of their accessible sphere and element do to them.
Water Mage x1 - 5% damage reduction versus water spells
Water Mage x2 - 10% damage reduction verses water spells
Water Mage x3 - 15% damage reduction verses water spells
Water Mage x4 - 20% damage reduction verses water spells
Water Mage x5 - 25% damage reduction verses water spells

Shifting Currents
Water Mages as a whole learn to embody their element in almost every aspect of its design. It is often a point of deep contention for others that the surface thoughts or feelings of a Water-Mage can not be percieved as easily as others and can often change as swiftly as a river current. What you see is not necessarily what you get; as surface emotions are easily shifted and projected by the Water Mage while the truth of the matter remains still and unaffected. It can be very hard to determine the depth of their fury or concentration merely by the facade they offer to the outside world.


Flame's Bite
Because of their dedication to their chosen element, an elemental mage will be more susceptible to spells from opposing elements. They will take and additional 25% damage from spells of the opposite element and sphere of magic. Fire spells will deal 25% more damage to the water mage.

The Pull of the Moon
The oceans and river currents have always been effected by the ebb of the Moon(s). The steady rhythm of the tide as it crests and pulls back, a natural cycle of give and take. Being an instrument of that very element, the Water-Mage becomes as involved with and affected by the phases of the moon. During the full waxing period of the dominant moon, the Water Mage will find themselves at their peak. They feel invigorated, strong and vital; in contrast, during the waning period of the dominant moon, they will feel their strengths ebb, the blood in their system working churlishly, making activity a chore.