Legends of Belariath


Freeform Combat

Restricted freeform combat is just what you would expect. Instead of rolling a dice, the adversaries play out their moves and react to the moves of their opponent, aiming to create a sense of realism in what they can do and what damage they are likely to receive. It's known as 'restricted' freeform because some players don't have their character acting with the required realism based upon experience and probability. So certain restrictions apply which may be enforced when necessary:


  • Players must base their actions on their registered character stats and those of their opponent. That means, if you are a weaker character relatively, don't try and play superman.
  • Players are limited to the weapons, armor and artifacts listed in their registered character description.
  • Players don't take actions or reactions for their opponents. (ie: 'X aims a blow at Y with his sword' is good. 'X hits Y knocking him through the window' is bad)
  • Actions must be in character for both the registered character and the room generally.
  • If a player is not considered to be acting within the limitations of their character an Op will intervene and decide damage levels.
  • It would be extremely boring if every move in a combat just did the maximum potential damage. On that basis there's no point actually fighting at all, you might just as well calculate respective stats and decide who wins. So creativity is encouraged
  • If a contestant is miraculously avoiding all damage when their relative stats don't support such an ability, the combat will be stopped and the guilty party declared the loser.
  • If the contestants are being silly or dragging out the combat unreasonably an Op may stop the event.
  • In any arguments the Op's decision is final and may be enforced by brute force :)

Do understand that if you don't play realistically within the abilities defined by your own stats and those of your opponent, any Op present can stop the combat and either:

  • Award the fight to your opponent
  • Fine you a number of experience points
  • Kill you
  • All of the above