Legends of Belariath


Quest Dice

Ok, you've been approved for your Quest and you are absolutely thrilled and ready to go, but what are Quest Dice and why do we use them? Quest dice are the simplest and most adaptable way to generate a random result to any action such as yes/no, left/right and so on.


To use them during a Quest, you as well as the guide or your Quest Master in charge will be asked to roll thusly;

!r 1d10
1-5 is a hit
6-10 is a miss

If it's a hit then another !r 1d10 is rolled to assign the damage


Roll a !R 1d10 to determine the amount of HP you heal
Players start out with 20 HP

NPCS are used in the same manner or it is up to the Quest Master to assign a differing value for how many HP an NPC monster or person will have.

The amount of Hit Points you are allowed, is up to the Quest master, and therefore will change from Quest to Quest.