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There are a number of ways to make contact with the admin of Belariath. The easiest ways are to either visit the Out of Character channel on IRC or to use the message board. On the board you can either post in one of the forums or send a private message to another player who has registered there. In addition you can send an e-mail to certain people listed below or make use of the web form. Both of those methods are likely to result in slower replies though.


The following People have e-mail addresses at Belariath which you can use to contact them on aspects of the game.

Bard's Journal
Quests Group

Contact via PM on the message board or email:

Level 5 Promotion

Note formatting requirements

Level 10 Promotion
Level 20 Promotion

Level 15 promotions do not require contact by the player. Level 20 should be directed to the Quests Group (see above)


Please read the guidelines under Adding to the Site above before you send anything.

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Use this form if you prefer. It will send your message via e-mail to the Belariath admin:

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