Legends of Belariath

The Ilfirian Empire

What is the Empire? How did it grow? How vast could it be? Just how long has it been here? How does it affect you? Let's see if we can answer all these questions and keep you, the reader, in the knowledge everyone so richly deserves. The Empire itself is rich with life, abounds with it, from all races comprising the world of Belariath. Some come from land, some by sea and even from that great Fortress in the sky known only to those of the Magi. Is the Empire so vast then? In some ways it is, at least to our civilization. To our way of knowing, the Empire encompasses everything. Nanthalion a small part of an ever growing rulership that strives to move forward, conquer new lands, discover new ways of magic and incorporate such into our daily lives. But I digress; let's get to our questions so that you, the reader, gets a grasp of what's really going on.

What is the Empire? The Empire is comprised of the town of Nanthalion from where the Emperor rules, the lands to the far North, West and some East as well as Valencia. The root of power itself didn't always lie within Nanthalion but was taken and made the Emperor's own by the might of his sword and the sweat of his brow. It once consisted of nothing but acreage, a few stalwart followers, those with visions and an Inn. It was rough and tumble, the law was simple Stormbringer's own, you followed or you died, or you rebelled and fought others. Slaves were brought with this army that fought so hard for the land to settle down to. Nothing was ever so simple at the time of Might makes Right laws. And it did indeed. You took what you wanted and you kept it by sheer strength and will alone. Soon the Nobles were created, a few key individuals given bits of land to rule over in Stormbringer's name. Some quite harsh while others were happy enough to play with their catlings or perhaps help run the Inn. Some were sly and others learned a more soldier's way of life. To follow and build with the Emperor rather then moving their own way.

Soon the Empire spread outwards, shops sprung out of necessity and ideas. Those that needed to take charge did so. Unigo became a focal point in this history, falling into the wrong hands from time to time and oft separating itself from the Empire as if it were its own entity. It soon was brought back into the fold but not until the damage was done. Magic at this time became a large focal point. Introduced by the very first Arcana and ironically it was also nearly destroyed because of it. A time of no magic befell the Town of Nanthalion. Lost were the mages that had almost newly won their powers, learned the harsh way how to evolve what they could tap into. Warriors ruled the days and months that followed. It was a most confusing time and many a mage was quick to pack shop or home and leave while they could before they were cut down. Again, might makes right, how do you fight something so physical when your life is all about concentration and the magic you can bring to bear? We can look back now and laugh or tell a hushed tale. The War itself that brought Nanthalion into being was not a laughing matter but a victory hard won. Those that fought to bring the town into being are still sung of today. But with anything that comes, there is always a way to reverse it. Magic soon began invading the land again, things began to move forward, the Emperor began delegating more and more to his Nobles until he almost became but a figurehead rarely seen.

How vast could the Empire be? It reaches far to the North and West and to the East, encompassing smaller villages; word of it even filters to the Elves in their rolling homes, to the Nether Gloom of the elves darker cousins, the Moriel. To the mountains of the Chirot and to the Torians. We see much trading of goods, people coming from distance lands to across the sea. The Empire is ever growing and reaching out to conquer more or looking to work out trading routes. How vast? Small compared to the mythical empire of old. In those days Ilfirinor was merely a minor province. But that empire fell into decay and over the centuries, into legend. Now Ilfirinor is reunited once more, the warlords who fragmented it's lands ground into dust that fertilizes the seeds of a new empire. Ilfirinor it is then, the Ilfirian Empire, plus Valencia recently added as a newly conquered province. There will be more though. Ambition is not yet slaked.

Just how long has it been here? The previous empire existed five thousand years ago. Or so the stories tell. Historically we could dig through records of God like man long ago conquering everything he set his sights on. A great war had arisen from the Gods to its people as they were created and out of these ashes and the other wars following raised this very tall barbarian with a mind to rule by fist and by will. He carved out his path in a bloody swathe of bodies and ruling. None were said to be able to stand in his way. Was he mere human? Was he God? Could he be both? No one was really certain; the stories of how he came about, his birth are vague or misdirected. Perhaps for a reason. Perhaps because that emperor of old was also called Stormbringer.

Come forwards through history to a time barely 25 years ago when Nanthalion became the seat of a new Empire… was it the same person? It was so long ago, no human could have lived for so long. Was he then a son of the first, or perhaps some usurper who had claimed the name since the other seemed to have vanished from the tomes of old scribes? It's possible. But he certainly isn't telling, one way or the other.

How does the Empire affect you?

History is history but factual points need to be made. In the Nanthalion you know and into Valencia, the ruling factor of the Empire is most apparent, its finger in every pie and every shop. Stormbringer rules on high and is involved in his peoples lives, directing his Nobles to gather small groups of warriors to help fight for the Empire should the need arise. Not only the Nobles however have been sent into a scramble to keep them on their toes and remember who is in charge, but the Imperial Guards as well now roam the city. Patrolling. Keeping the peace at the cost of the laws laid down. They serve only the Emperor and will carry out his rules and laws set forth whether you like them, or not. Many a time in these last few years has a person been brought low for treason. Open trials and subsequent death sentences carried out. The Emperor is wise but he isn't soft at heart.

Keep in mind that if you are caught going against these laws you will be brought to the justice of the Empire quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind that rape and slavery do not touch into these laws unless extreme cruelty to a slave is brought to the attentions of the Imperial Slave Authority. Small fights, scuffles and even murders are turned a blind eye to. It is not the Imperial Guards duty to save you from a dispute you might have started. The might makes right law is still in effect and you I'm afraid are on your own in this kind of justice. However, there are always things that do touch upon the Empire. Shops being burned down or attempts to destroy them, thieves caught stealing from the shops themselves to treason and long lines of murders to assaults against the Nobles and the Imperial guards to even conspiring against them or the Emperor himself. If you are caught with your fingers in any of these cookie jars, rest assured you will be most aware that the Empire can and will do something about it.

On an OOC note, let me clarify that crimes against the Empire are punishable; if you do the crime of Treason to Thievery to destroying Empire owned buildings you are giving implied OOC consent to whatever befalls you in the name of the Empire and the Emperor himself. Its always fun to start up revolutions and or waltz about singing the downfall of the Empire is coming but while you're having such fun, keep in mind that for your actions there are going to be reactions of punishments if caught. We wish to make this very clear so that there are no surprises around any corner. The Imperial Guards have the rights to arrest you and try you before your peers or privately depending on the crime. The Nobles are a part of the Empire and follow the Emperor himself. They are just as subject to these laws and made to uphold them as well as any other peasant or commoner alike. No one is above the Empires laws save for the Emperor himself for he IS the law and he makes the laws at his whim. Should you be found guilty of a crime against the Empire be advised your character will suffer the consequences in the role playing environment.

Important Note:
Your character does live within the empire, not in a vacuum. As such, the empire will react if it becomes aware of your character taking actions against it's interests. By taking such actions, you are giving implied OOC consent for any consequences that befall your character following such activity.

Let's also clarify how the laws are handed down and whom hands such down. We don't want to confuse anyone nor ruin your fun In Character. Rather we want to add to it.

Who's in charge?

Stormbringer In an IC environment he is the Law, he is the Emperor, his word is law. His word will go over any other be it Noble to commoner. He has under him a superior group of guards known as the Imperial Guards. When needed he alone can call them into battle where they form the backbone of an expanded army.

Nobles Among the Laws of the Empire the Nobles are laws almost unto themselves. They serve the Empire and in so doing they serve the Emperor himself. They as well own their own guards, those that were for hire swear fealty to the Noble and in turn, are swearing fealty to the Emperor himself.

The Imperial Guards The Empire may be a fairly new and rather lawless place but that does not mean those in control do not wish to maintain their status. The Emperor may not care too much if a citizen gets robbed or raped, but he does have certain things he needs protected. These include himself, obviously, certain key individuals and the essential aspects of trade by which he maintains his rule.

Imperial Guards do not worry themselves over trivial matters. Small skirmishes, people being raped, small time thieves running around unchecked, and other such matters or conflicts do not warrant the attention of the Emperor's guard, unless any of them is meant to tarnish the Emperor's good name or property. The small matters are beneath them as it is just daily life occurring and they will not waste their time and energy to solve these issues unless given a direct order by Emperor to do so. The Imperial Guards view their purpose as only protecting against large problems that the town cannot manage and the official buildings of the Empire.