Legends of Belariath

World and Empire History

Here you will find various pieces relating to the known, or reputed history of the world of Belariath and the Ilfirian Empire. That which relates to a time more than about 25 years ago, when the land was more uncivilized, is incomplete and pieced together from old scrolls and traditional tales told by bards. It may be accurate or not. Naturally each race has a tendency to glorify its own origins, so it is not unusual to find conflicting accounts. Stormbringer is the only one who could clarify certain aspects, yet he remains reticent or even evasive. So it remains for further research to throw more light upon the past.


Pulled together from various sources by the Court Bard Nicholas Shade, this aims to give a very brief outline of known (or supposed) history.


Research by the warrior-mage Infernis into the beginnings of the world.

Of Empires and Capitols - Sturmtsalise and Nanthalion

The fanciful words of a bard, embroidered through countless retellings spanning generations and related to Kaytoo as fact? Or an accurate history of the empire of old and one just beginning?

As Dragons Sow the Seeds of Empire

A view of the developing town of Nanthalion from an unusual aspect, as discovered in an old manuscript by Kaytoo.

A History of Magic

Research by the mages at Unigo into the roots of their craft.