Legends of Belariath

Nobles and Other Significant Characters

As the empire expands and absorbs previously independent kingdoms and other lesser fiefdoms, so it begins to develop an inevitable hierarchy of nobility. Such nobles have often joined the empire willingly and retain a position in ruling over their lands, now on behalf of the emperor. Others have found their own ways to prominence in the imperium and have been granted titles, power and status according to their value.


Certain nobles of the empire also act as lieges. This means they are able to accept oaths of alliegance from characters who wish to sell their services to the empire via that liege. The liege will take personal alliegance from a variety of classes according to their needs. These may include paladins, warlords, mages, bards, household staff, healers, troops etc. A liege is likely to accept followers who share a similar viewpoint. So a predominately good liege will tend to employ fairly good characters, while a darker liege will attract those characters with a more evil or callous disposition.

Nobles and lieges are appointed by the emperor according to his whim, from those who he deems worthy (or useful). While characters can aspire to titles in their background story, those titles relate to their time prior to reaching empire lands. As such they have no validity in roleplay and may not be used in nicknames.

Note: Good and bad are used solely in reference to the mores and morals of Belariath and have no connection with such qualities as judged by Earth standards. A player looking for employment is advised to match the liege to their character so far as possible. Therefore a dark paladin is most likely to be at home with a dark liege etc.

While the liege will take personal alliegance from a follower, it is important to note that they do so on behalf of the emperor. Lieges who take this level of independence too much to heart are likely to find the Imperial Guards re-allocating their estates to other, more tractable nobles. And in addition, it should be remembered that troops belonging to each liege are all ultimately part of the same imperial army. Whilst rivalries and skirmishes are to be expected and help hone those troops, prolonged and serious disputes weaken the overall fighting strength of the empire, to the ultimate detriment of all.

Who's Who

Among the Laws of the Empire the Nobles are laws almost unto themselves. They serve the Empire and in so doing they serve the Emperor himself. They as well own their own guards, those that were for hire swear fealty to the Noble and in turn, are swearing fealty to the Emperor himself.


Minor Nobles