Legends of Belariath


Life on Belariath may have its parallels with medieval Europe but should not be taken as an exact match by any means. Society here in this world of fantasy has grown up very differently in a lot of ways. Better or worse? Who can say? But definitely different. So here you will find various pieces of background information which will help you visualise your roleplay and your character's outlook on life as it takes place within the Ilfirian Empire.

Naturally each race, tribe and clan has its own beliefs and customs which are detailed within the appropriate areas. What you will find here is both the generally prevailing beliefs and concepts of life across Belariath, along with those aspects which are commonly held within the Ilfirian Empire.


It seems natural in any society that some conventions will form around the desire for individuals to come together in relationships.

Society and Personal Honor

The workings of this society are important to take into account, by both its IC standards, and its OOC ones.

Calendar and Moon Phases

The calendar equates 'real' dates to dates in the calendar used within the empire. Annual events are listed here for reference and the moon phases are included also. Note that there are two moons in the sky but only the major one is significant for it's effects.