Blood Swan Moon (2014)

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Blood Swan Moon (2014)

Postby Angst on Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:04 pm

Angst will be hosting her own events for the BSM this year. This is a layout of what's going down. If you are interested just let me know.

Thursday: Early Rites. (06-05-2014)

Gifts to the Mother: Angst starts off the revelry early with a grand sacrifice. Coveted, those who wish to participate in the event must bring a sacrifice to the Cave of Dwindling Light and gift their sacrifice to the Mother. Sacrifices start at 7 Central and will continue until all have finished. Note: The sacrifice should be something the runner loves as this will please the dark Goddess the most.

Ritual of Impending Doom: It is known that Necromancers play in fear. That said, Angst, acting as a Priestess of Kirva will gift all a taste of such. Bring items of an intended target to the Priestess and she shall add it into her own ritual. Sending haunting images to those who will be targeted during the Blood Swan Moon. Note: OOC consent must be given by both parties and victims can be present for the actual play of the haunting to be done.

Fire of the Blood: With a personal sacrifice of flesh, Angst will lead the blessing of Kirva’s followers, gifting the Goddess worship through blood and lust. Note: This is sexual in nature, a release of Kirva’s children to the very basics of Carnal Desires.

Friday: Run of the Faithful. (06-06-2014)

The first full day of the moon’s pull. None shall be safe. Those who had been blessed by the Priestess shall go forth and steal, plunder, murder and rape. Spread the will of the Mother, all shall be done in her name.

((Keep it interesting. xD If logs are sent then gifts will be distributed at the end of the Moon.))

Saturday: Gifts of the Mother (06-07-2014)

The day shall be left to the pillaging and carnage then starting at 6 PM Central.

Kiss of the Mother: Blessed are the children who spread the will of Kirva. Those who have pleased her shall be gifted for their efforts. Note: Those who send logs of their doings will be gifted trinkets or coin for their efforts.

Pleasure of the Children: It is as it says. Moriel and/or devotee, each revel each other, sharing flesh and blood and captive as the night and Moon comes to an end.
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