The Temple stirs again

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The Temple stirs again

Postby Tawny on Tue May 07, 2019 1:58 am

Something was different this moon lite night. For many moon cycles the volcano had been quiet and the grounds surrounding the temple of Uvelca had been almost cool. It was as if
a time of mourning had settled over everything. But tonight the door to meadows bed chambers had opened and warmth was felt once again starting from the ground and working its way up. A rumble, low and soft at first began to build in power and within the volcano Lava heated and bellowed forth sulfur smelling smoke. The ground began to tremble as Uvelcra himself shrugged off the heavy cloak of despair and lose. Meadow and Uvelcra had been spending a lot of time together lately and now she knew him better than she ever had before. She found comfort as she had opened up totally to Uvelcra and learned more of his wants and needs and demands. And she a found strenght she didn't know she had. The light in her odd jade eyes had returned tho not as bright as before, but it would never be that bright again. And now there was an understanding in her eyes that had never been there before. She had one thing left to do before everything was handed to her to run. Before she could completely take her place as the Grand Mallus of His temple. It was a personal test giving to her by Uvelcra himself. She had to prove she was strong enough to fill the position, to spread his word and gather new believers. It was her place and her promise to Sorgram that now had to be claimed fully. She had to worship at the alter. She walked down the hallway and out the doors of the temple and disappeared into the night to find what she needed to fulfill that last challenge. So that the volcano would sing again and the temple would live again and Uvelcra would have followers once again. She had to breath that last needed breath back into the temple. A promise made so many years ago, had to be broken... To Be Continued.
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