Caolan needs a rez

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Caolan needs a rez

Postby Caolan on Wed May 03, 2023 9:16 pm

Character Name: Caolan Leafwhistle
Death #: 1st death
Healed?: No
Availability: Meh. Whenever
Available at any time;

    Caolan (Gold High Elf, General Store Assistant Manager, Healing House attendant)
    Vaden (Silver moriel cat, Body Arts artist and piercer)
    Thythm (Earthly Drak`Sen Bastard)
    Billie Chersky (single-tailed orange foxkit)

Pms are always open to anyone
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Re: Caolan needs a rez

Postby Xanetia on Thu May 04, 2023 12:46 am

Xembra can do the healing
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Re: Caolan needs a rez

Postby Amara on Wed May 10, 2023 11:19 pm

Rez completed by Amara

[15:42] <Amara> !death count Caolan Leafwhistle
[15:42] -Desdaemona- Caolan Leafwhistle has died 0 times

[15:43] <Amara> !death add Caolan Leafwhistle
[15:43] -Desdaemona- Death count for Caolan Leafwhistle increased to 1

[16:21] <+Naomi> !money give Amara 200 mhl
[16:21] <@Desdaemona> *transaction* Naomi subtracted 200 mhl 0 cop and gave it to Amara

[16:31] <+Amara> !money sub 50 mhl
[16:31] <@Desdaemona> *transaction* Amara subtracted 50 mhl 0 cop
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