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Re: Ranked General Skills List

Postby miyuka on Wed Sep 02, 2020 6:16 pm

Winged riding changed to war beast riding and covers all special ride-able beast. Make sure to update your skill list!
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Re: Ranked General Skills List

Postby Pipistrelle on Sun May 14, 2023 7:14 am

I would like to propose Archery as a Ranked Skill. There is currenly only one skill associated with it in unranked skills, and that is of the Bowyer/Fletcher, which has nothing to do with the skill of using a bow itself. Here are the proposed ranks, with the unranked skill of Bowyer/Fletcher incorporated:

Apprentice Archer- Knows how to nock an arrow on a bowstring. Able to successfully pull a bowstring back and take aim. Does not always hit a stationary target. Able to select suitable wood for crafting arrows, able to select suitable feathers for fletching.

Journeyman Archer– Able to successfully aim a shot on a stationary target. Able to make center mass shots, and able to take down stationary or slow-moving prey with multiple shots. Able to select suitable wood for crafting a bow, able to make simple wooden arrows with simple fletching.

Expert Archer- Able to make headshots on a stationary target. Able to make center mass shots on a moving target, able to take down faster prey with fewer shots. Able to hone wood into a bow, aboe to attach steel tips to finely crafted arrows with more finely crafted fletching.

Master Archer– Able to headshot moving targets and cause lethal damage with one shot. Able to take down the largest of prey with a singular, perfectly aimed shot. Able to make exquisite bow designs and lethally crafted and fully flethced arrows.
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