Updated for thallis 2020

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Updated for thallis 2020

Postby Ray`el on Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:04 am

his is an Updated Ooc guide to the ports Viceroy of Thallis's expectations of his workers and their jobs.

1. All Rp for the Viceroy will be in the borderlands or forest for Risarah's people. <exceptions exist and include: quests, or plotting and information gathering> Pm me if you’re not sure.

2. For information of the current set up of thallis and its general description see. viewtopic.php?f=259&t=19986#p134305

3. Thallis chain of command
All Guards, scouts and war positions report directly to Black Dawn is.( War Senshual)

All House maids, grounds people and such report to Ithiliwen (House senshual),

All Port people, Sailors, ship captains and Boatworks/slipway people report to Traael. ( Port mistress)

Naomh is the official second in command of Thallis, if things come up when Ray is not there. If Neither Ray or Naomh is around, and your Official manager is not around. Thria {RL} is considered highest of those left due to her knowledge of her lords wishes.

4. Job Duties

Maid/cook : Cook food for the staff, the Npc workers, Clean up areas and keep. Rp can include the grounds, or anywhere they wish long as involved

Guards. : Setting up patrols around the area, . Up and down the river to protect the trade route. Rp also can include skills as needed.

Sailor : Rp includes building and working on ships, maps, trade routes, gathering crews and working as told by Traael

Scribe : Deliver missives, handle notes and written accord, help Ray`el with his goals and work on what needs to do. Rp

Wetworks : Rp includes finding info for the Viceroy, and doing tasks discussed.
Any other job code would fit in those <i.e. butcher is part cooking, and librarian part of scribe>
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