Atabey Goblin/Orc

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Atabey Goblin/Orc

Postby Thunder on Thu Feb 02, 2023 11:42 pm

Tokala was a willy man that was as cunning as a fox just as his name suggested. For this many did not wish to know of or be with this one. For his trickery often got him in trouble til the day he met and fell for the woman of his eternal loved flame. He knew to win her he would have to out fox the most cunning and the one they worshipped Kkla`sin.

For Tokala to win the love and heart of the most beautiful of all goblins Aiyana. This woman could have killed any and all and he did not care for she was his eternal blossom. The day had come for him to ask her to be his mate. To win her love he stole a green and black stone from his own goddess.

This angered the goddess who would not allow any to take from her. And could one blame her. Though to get the revenge upon the ones that done her wrong she cursed the two. Her cruelty, was known well by all that had Trifled with her but soon Tokala and Aiyana would find out just how cruel their Goddess could truly be.

The day he was born his family was more than happy. They had thought that he would be a great warrior. He had hair of blood red and skin of green. The day he was born was dark as the storms rolled across the sky. There was so much this family would learn before the day he would be found out. They did not look at him as closely as one might have with most.

Most parents check their child to make sure that their child has all their toes and fingers and to make sure one is perfect. They thought he was perfect. He had all ten of his fingers and toes and was well built below. Any man would be proud to have a son born with such strength. The way life had moved for him was like none would have known. He was raised to be strong and could fight better than most.

However as time passed things changed like every day. The way he changed as he grew older and started filling out differently. He had thought that the parts of his body were normal but to him it was normal. The fact that he had an extra hole that he did not understand when he wanted to get off like any man would when he got over excited. He found that he could get pleasure not just from his engorged cock but when he found out about the other place he learned more that day then he knew what to do with.

He was not going to say anything when he found that he enjoyed the look of women and men he was not sure what to say or even do. Soon his breast grew and he was no longer just a he but a she. The day his family found out it was one of the days that would be the end of not only who he was but who he had dreamed to be. The family that loved him soon could not stand the sight of him. They chained him to the walls, men of the family that were warriors came to him slicing at his body calling him nothing. They tried many times with small cuts to make him see that he would never enjoy anyone and that they would cause him the pain that he deserved.

Anytime he got excited they would laugh at him and degrade her for what she was. They had a rite of passage and this one would never know that ever. They slowly cut it away as if a woman came in and stitched up her lips so there is a tiny tiny hole. They would slowly move, slicing about his chest taking whips with blades upon the tips they would rip as much flesh from his front. Moving him slamming him into the wall of stone whipping the back of his body ripping the flesh from him making him feel this day after day.

He tried so hard to become more than what he was but would he ever? He could not take it none cared for him now as he was not only a he but a she as well this was an abomination. Who could love or want one such as this. When they had beat him until he was almost dead at least they thought he was dead or upon his last breaths. They threw him out into the wild to allow the animals to finish what they had started.

There had been some that had found him and used him to fight in arenas. He was a great fighter but they kept the fact he was a he from all. They used him and changed his name to Atabey. When in the arena she was called Angel of Death for all that knew of this one She was a she. For they kept her locked away in a cell all to oneself day after day fighting was all she knew. The day came when she fought her way out in the dead of night when the winds was howling and the rain and lightning hit busting a hole in the side letting her get away. As she ran she could not help but know that she had to find a new place, a new land to call home she would never allow one to know that she was something more than a woman.

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Re: Atabey Goblin/Orc

Postby miyuka on Mon Mar 13, 2023 5:38 pm

Just an FYI for forum related folks this was posted twice. I deleted one of the post.
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