Sorcery automated systems and spam

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Sorcery automated systems and spam

Postby Naomh on Wed Jul 05, 2023 5:51 pm

Recently our host for our IRC service,, was getting hit by spammers being a bit crass in demanding users to come to another IRC network. These spammers kept using randomized nicks and IP addresses and so couldn't be easily blocked, creating a bit of a whack-a-mole problem.

Sorcery Ops did figure out that they could however target the fact that the spammers were spamming pretty much the exact same message every single time and use that to target and block them with an automated system.

This caused a bit of an issue recently, and now has a bit of a continued warning with it. Several people who had copied the spammer's messages got caught in the g-line purge all across Sorcery, also multiple bots who tend to repeat messages, such as our own Desdaemona, was also smacked down. We were able to clear our own user's names, and get Desdaemona back online, but there are some issues that still remain and so I give a warning:

  • Minimize copy-paste in IRC - They're monitoring messages, so if you get hit with a spammer, don't copy and paste their message, not even with a 'look at this nonsense' type of context, as you'll likely get flagged as one of the spammers due to repeating the messages. Copying and pasting -FROM- an outside program, such as notepad or word -TO- IRC should be fine.
  • Be mindful about repeating messages - Once or twice should be fine as they're trying to monitor a mass message spam, but only quote other people once or twice, and repeat yourself rarely.
  • If G-Lined - G-Line is a temporary ban from all of Sorcery, default length is 30 days. If you can get a message to the SORCERY (Not TLI) Ops, they may be able to lift it.
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Re: Sorcery automated systems and spam

Postby Naomi on Wed Jul 05, 2023 7:12 pm

[10:35] (Naomi) as we are a major role play channel and outr players post large post. would that get them glined?
[10:35] (kobok) Should not.
[10:35] (Naomi) ok
[10:35] (kobok) The filters trigger on specific text content.
[10:35] (Naomi) ok
[10:36] (kobok) We try to keep it specific to what the spammers are using, although it is technically possible to match the same by accident, as the spammers use a lot of nefarious methods to try to thwart automated triggering.
[10:36] (Naomi) anything in particualr we should be careful of? like links tro your tube or pics?
[10:37] (kobok) Nope. Just don't say the words they are saying. :)
[10:38] (kobok) We try not to give away all the secrets of what we're triggering on, but the most likely way to trigger is to copy and paste.
[10:38] (Naomi) thank you for your time kobok. it's been a minute so hi! but hope you have a good day
[10:38] (kobok) Yep. Good luck!
[10:39] (kobok) If any other users get glined, prepare a list and let me know. Otherwise those glines can last a while.
[10:39] (Naomi) ok
[10:39] (kobok) 30 days is I think the default.
[10:39] (Naomi) ok
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Re: Sorcery automated systems and spam

Postby Fiona Sharora on Sat Jul 08, 2023 10:09 am

Naomh Edit: This instance has been resolved.

it got me :(
Hopefully will soon be fixed

If I am not back soon, please let others know that are looking for me.

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