Setting the Record Straight

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Setting the Record Straight

Postby Dante_Ambrogio on Thu Dec 15, 2022 11:40 pm

Because I am tired of the lies and the finger-pointing and because we were instructed to by the op team after our house members that were online I am sharing the log of the conversation that ensued this afternoon. But I am also going to set the record straight on something else that I feel the need to do myself because I am sure that many in the house are now wondering how internal house affairs were even flowing to the ops or L`aquera so I will be blatantly honest because I am done. The house had a spy that was tired of infighting and tired of being blatantly disrespected, accused of attacking others, and of trying to work against the house and that spy was myself; because I wanted what was best for the house but when my issues were not resolved through the house leadership I went to higher authorities with them. So if you are looking for a scapegoat to blame then I guess it had best be me

That aside now that the air is cleared on that topic; here is the requisite log as instructed.
Session Start: Thu Dec 15 15:00:20 2022
Session Ident:#tli-ops
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[15:01] * Ronja sets mode +v Odette for #tli-ops
[15:01] * Ronja sets mode +v ElizabethGraesyn for #tli-ops
[15:01] * Elthorion glares at them....
[15:02] * Elthorion then makes funny faces
[15:02] <@Matwyn> Wb eliza
[15:02] <@Matwyn> woops wrong channel
[15:03] <@Elthorion> noob
[15:03] * Malevica makes funny faces back
[15:03] <+Malevica> brb
[15:03] <+ElizabethGraesyn> L; can I ask permission to share the log from this conversation with any Deth members that are not present?
[15:04] <+ElizabethGraesyn> as some are unable to be here due to RL?
[15:04] <@L`aquera> Yep
[15:04] <+ElizabethGraesyn> ty
[15:04] <@Elthorion> i guess thats probably it
[15:04] <@L`aquera> Ok.
[15:04] <+ElizabethGraesyn> Aiden will be online in a moment
[15:04] * Gavin ( has joined #tli-ops
[15:04] <@L`aquera> I expect those here to share with those that can't be here if you please
[15:04] <@Elthorion> we can give aiden a min
[15:04] <Gavin> I'm here
[15:04] <@L`aquera> I just got handed a long lengthy log
[15:05] <@Elthorion> both long AND lengthy.. wow
[15:05] * L`aquera sets mode +v Gavin for #tli-ops
[15:06] <@L`aquera> So, lets see if I can put down what I'm smelling
[15:07] <@L`aquera> Maradia was to be an extension of Deth
[15:07] <@L`aquera> The bridge, was to be placed in valencia over a year ago
[15:07] <@L`aquera> All these "WORLD EVENTS" were just one world event
[15:08] <@L`aquera> I was never trying to take over Deth
[15:08] <@L`aquera> Sorry, I'm sure that works for some cloak and dagger shit
[15:08] <@L`aquera> But thats just not so
[15:08] <@L`aquera> Archy has been with Deth since its creation, NOT IC wise, but its planning
[15:09] <@L`aquera> He knew Infy and Gabriel and Robert whom are not even around anymore, would be under him
[15:09] <@L`aquera> I didn't foist it on him
[15:09] * AidenAFK ( has joined #tli-ops
[15:09] * Ronja sets mode +v AidenAFK for #tli-ops
[15:09] <@L`aquera> I didn't TELL ANYONE that there was a hurrican because of the bridge moving
[15:09] <@L`aquera> That never happened. I never did that. I don't know who did, but that wasn't me
[15:09] * Vexademus (Vexademus@sorcery-ej1.lu0.234.68.IP) has joined #tli-ops
[15:09] <@L`aquera> Some of the ops in here can tell you
[15:10] <@L`aquera> The bridge moving was supposed to happen a while ago but because of my own life, it never did.
[15:10] <@Ronja> the huricane was before the bridge moving no?
[15:10] <@Naomh-AFK> The hurricane thing was just an idea/suggestion when I updated the weather one time, and I decided to go with it. It was just supposed to be a bad storm, hunker down and patch up buildings afterward. Others took that as a sign that Dethsiris was nearly destroyed and needed to be rebuilt.
[15:11] * Ronja nods
[15:11] * Ronja sets mode +v Vexademus for #tli-ops
[15:12] <+Vexademus> Thank you.
[15:13] <@L`aquera> Then Arch got fed up with the last explosion from the whole Infernis thing, I took respsonbility not because it was MY fault but because I felt bad Arch seemed stressed over it. I told him to fix the shit. That was it. I tried explaining that several times. Arch felt uncomfortable, everything is placed on the Ops Forum. SB was poked to read it, he told Arch that Deth was his, I was not siding
[15:13] <@L`aquera> with someone else, no one was trying to take it from him and that if he ever left Deth, Deth would be simply razed to the ground and Arch agreed and thanked him. SB did this to reassure Arch that DETH was his. As it has been from the beginning
[15:13] <@Elthorion> Also.. There is no 'Evil L`aquera agenda to destroy' anything really. So.. if oyu hear that ridiculous notion being floated.. it would be awesome if you'd squash it. This situation was entirely of not L's making.
[15:14] * AidenAFK slips in and takes a seat in the back
[15:14] <@Elthorion> Take note: SB is the one that expresed his desire to decomission/spin down Deth in the event of Arch's departure. SB... not L, not me, not some illuminati cabal. StormBringer.
[15:15] * Malevica nods
[15:16] <@Elthorion> Arch also agreed and expressed his approval of that notion.. So keep that in mind.
[15:16] <@L`aquera> The Bridge was moved to connect Maradia with the rest of the world. Arch didn't want me doing anything with Deth anymore so thats exactly what I did. I finished up the World even and instead of making Maradia a part of Deth, I asked Ronja to take it over and make it her own, which she did. The bridge was STILL Deths. But for whatever reason, no one seems to want to pay attention to that point.
[15:16] <@L`aquera> Deth was not targetted in the last of the world event, I deliberately tried to leave it out of it because that is what ARCH wanted me to do. NOT have anything to do with Deth. So which is it? Where do I win here? Do I do as Arch wants and leave Deth alone, or do I continue a world event that Arch doesn't want me to do because it has to do with Deth? Which one do I do people?
[15:16] <+Malevica> You will have to make the best choice of it and move forwards sadly
[15:17] <@Matwyn> He's approved everything thrown his way hes a very deconfrontational person. which is why hes stepped down probaly.
[15:17] <@Elthorion> there is no choice. There is only the edict from SB
[15:17] * Malevica nods
[15:17] <@Ronja> i did relocate the theoretical Maradia to purposly distance it from the previous plan... and just becus i wouldnt know what to do with a fully tropical island...
[15:17] <@L`aquera> Arch left me an MB PM of which ALL ops have seen.
[15:17] <+AidenAFK> personally, i dont see how he can run a house in a game he no longer plays...
[15:17] <@Ronja> hence why its so different from the original plan..
[15:18] <@Elthorion> Alright, keep most of the chatter to a minimum, please. I know its a sore subject, but the purpose here is to communicate what happened and why, as best and efficiently as we can, and provide going forward steps.
[15:19] <+AidenAFK> sorry, will do
[15:19] <@Elthorion> This is a pretty uniqie situation.. and i've been here, literally, forever (in terms of TLI existence) so.. we're workign thorugh as best we can
[15:19] <@Naomh-AFK> When we were under the impression and had the understanding that Archie was busy with life and needed some assistance, Ray`el was asked if he was willing to assist, we was not told to step in and take command, just help oversee things while Archie caught back up. At least as how I understand it. He felt pretty bad when people interpreted it as him trying to take command from Archaon.
[15:22] <@L`aquera> I'm sorry, but in no world have I been trying to take anything from Arch. I've done as he asked time and again. I don't 'need' Deth for anything. I created the bloody thing for him. I have an ENTIRE EMPIRE at my fingertips. I don't need Deth. And if you think otherwise, thats laughable
[15:24] * Ronja is now known as Jackal
[15:25] <@Yumika> yeah it would be nonsensicle for her to want to take anything for herself, she's the person in charge of Dev when it comes to non mechanical stuff such as new lands and the like.
[15:25] <@L`aquera> Now that I've ranted and simply told you all once again wtf is going on. Normally we would just replace the Noble. There is no voting goes down in a Noble house. Not ever. Then that Noble would take over and make that House their own. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. This is not what I would have done with Deth, I would have followed the normal route.
[15:27] <@L`aquera> I did not talk Arch into staying because the agreement was already made. That was his choice. That was SB's choice. IF that changes, then thats THEIR choice. For now, I've wiped the Payroll. I've left the Forum on the boards so folks can get their hard work and keep it for whatever reason they want. ALL have been givein 1k for severance pay. ALL houses bought and property in Deth will be
[15:27] <@L`aquera> refunded
[15:29] <@Elthorion> Arch has been having issues for a long long time, as he detailed on his goodbye post. I was surprised this didnt happen sooner.. but to then try and convince him to stay would have been counterproductive to his health and well being.
[15:29] <@L`aquera> Also.. I donno what he's talking about books being taken from Deth. That never happened. Copies of all the tomes were made and are stored in the Palace Library. NOT anything else.
[15:30] <+Malevica> So its being cleared out, but our characters can retain the memories of this?
[15:31] <@Elthorion> Its not being uncreated.
[15:31] <@Elthorion> so i would assume that history stands as it happened.
[15:31] <+Malevica> Mm thats what im asking
[15:31] <@L`aquera> I'm tired. I'm blood fucking tired of being made some scape goat. I've had it. I've heard more stories and been told more shit that I did that never happened then I care to ever see. I've explained this before but apparently that doesn't matter.
[15:32] <@Jackal> yeah nothing is being retconned the land will still exist... its just being vacated...
[15:32] <@Elthorion> Barrinf intervention by a Mage with mastery of Time.. oh wait, wrong game
[15:34] <@Yumika> hey now let's not just put the boots to time magic just yet *wiggles fingers*
[15:35] <@L`aquera> From this point on, anything further, complaints, problems whatever, Elth is taking over. My Friend Died Yesterday. I was busy telling her goodbye, dealing with her son and her family and my own grief. There were no rash decisions made on my part. Its my JOB to do what is dictated. I handled it while I had the time. I didn't get Archs MB PM until around 1am. WHILE I had time, I took care of
[15:35] <@L`aquera> it. I won't have time in the next week to do much. If it were up to me, you'd simply get a new Noble, keep your houses and positions and move along from there.
[15:35] * Malevica is now known as Katryanna
[15:36] <+Katryanna> Take care of yourself, you come first in all regards
[15:36] <+Odette> I´m sorry to hear that L.. my condolences
[15:36] <@L`aquera> So if you have something you want to say, Elth is here to take care of it. I've done my part.
[15:36] <+Katryanna> Mine as well
[15:37] <+Gavin> my condolences L.
[15:37] <@Elthorion> My MB pm is open.. and if im here, ill handle whatever needs handled. Let me be clear, though: There is no appeal. This is done. Signed, sealed, delivered.
[15:37] * ElizabethGraesyn hugs L warmly
[15:38] <@Elthorion> The edict comes from the Highest power: SB. SO i will field anything you need fielded.. but do not think theres some route to appeal here. Unfortunately, we are where we are.. and that wont change.
[15:38] * Katryanna hugs L as well
[15:38] <@Naomh-AFK> I'll help out where I can as well, I just can't promise any solid answers as I've been keeping myself busy as well so lacking some details on things.
[15:38] * Odette nods nods
[15:40] <@Elthorion> as it stands.. Please give L space to handle her RL and do what she needs to for herself, her family, and her firends.
[15:43] <@Elthorion> That said... i hate to do it, bu i need to go, i have to do adult (non-sexy) things so we can have dinner.
[15:44] <@Elthorion> If you have quesiotns, concerns, need clarifications, or anything about deth... well, anything really.. contact me.
[15:44] <+Odette> tnx Elthorion
[15:44] * Elthorion (student@sorcery-sg2.3rm.248.69.IP) Quit ( Quit: <Rila> Elth, wouldn't you enjoy the superpower of being able to punch people in the face via the internet? <Elthorion> god yes. <Krom> I wish he would punch his fist into my ass.. )
[15:45] <@Jackal> think thats all?
[15:45] * Gavin ( has left #tli-ops ("")
[15:45] <@Jackal> yeah
[15:45] <@Jackal> youre dismissed folks!
[15:45] <+Katryanna> Thank you
[15:45] * Katryanna ( has left #tli-ops
[15:45] <+Odette> thank you
[15:45] * Vexademus (Vexademus@sorcery-ej1.lu0.234.68.IP) has left #tli-ops
[15:45] * Odette ( has left #tli-ops ("Leaving")
[15:46] <+ElizabethGraesyn> thanks guys; hope the day improves
[15:46] <@Matwyn> take care
[15:46] <+ElizabethGraesyn> you as well
[15:46] * AidenAFK ( has left #tli-ops ("")
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