Banned from the northern lands...

For all things IC and OOC pertaining to the castle, lands, and port in the far north, named Virelith

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Banned from the northern lands...

Postby StormWind on Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:52 pm

Due to her involvement in the assault on, and death of a virelith house guard, the individual known as Black Dawn is here by Banned from the lands and environs of Virelith. Should she be found within the confines of Virelith, she is to be escorted through the portal, while being treated with all due respect. Should she choose to resist, she is welcome to a tour of our dungeons until such time as she is granted an audience with Stormwind, Imperial Stewart of the Northern Lands of Virelith.

Skills pertaining to Jobs

Owner and Manager of The Works:

Metalsmith X5
Wood working x5
Valicitesmith x5
Carpentry x5
Jewler x5

Stewart of the port of Virelith
Scribe x5
Cartography x5
Mephos Riding x5
Soldiering x5
Navigation x5
Heraldry x3

Master Body Artist

Body Arts x5
Artist x5
Jewler x5
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Re: Banned from the northern lands...

Postby CallieO on Mon Oct 19, 2020 1:34 pm

Tennibrook is advised of the situation in a meeting with Lord Stormwind and his concubine, Alexis. Asked to inform the guards of this information, she does so, and then posts it on the guard shack in her capacity as acting captain of the guard.
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