Advanced Class Submission

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Advanced Class Submission

Postby Sanjin Koukyu on Sun May 14, 2023 11:02 am

Advanced Class Submission: Alcohmancer
Alt Names: Meadiator, Beerzerker

Beer. Mead. Wine. All staples of day-to-day life in Belariath and certainly one of the most sought-after pleasures that all walks of life enjoy. Alcohmancers (they do not take kindly to being called ‘alcoholics’, as they can quit whenever they like) have poured themselves deeply into the sphere of influence that is both magical and inebriated. By weaving together both of these wildly different, and yet strangely similar influences, Alcohmancers have created a veritable cocktail of power unlike anything else that Belariath has seen.

Character Creation:
Allowable Races: Any
Qualifying Classes: Druid, Bard, Artisan, Entertainer
Type of Class Advanced(?) Magical(???)
Spell Spheres Allowed: Common, Racial, Ebrius(new!)
Armor: A, B
Weapons: A

Class Bonus Stats:
Str: 4
Int: 0
Agi: 0
Res: 6
Sta: 6
Spl: 0
Lfe: 2

Connoisseurs of a craft, Alcohmancers do not let the physical constraints of fundamental teachings bind them. They are of the open mind, open road… or so they’d like you to believe. Their passion is their obsession, their desires written as plain as day. Beer or Wine? Mead or Ale? They scoff at the teachings of ‘higher’ magic. To understand an Alcohmancer’s mind is to wear their goggles for a day, a week, or at least until the hangover kicks in.

There is an alcohol for every occasion, so there’s an Alcohmancer of every type. Jovial or angry, they will defend their preferred libation to the very end… of that mug. Heavens help whoever gets between an Alcohmancer and their favorite barstool though.


Alcohmancers have a unique, symbiotic relationship with Brewer’s Yeast. Not only do Alcohmancers drink heavily of their preferred drink, in order to become one with their craft, but they also get drunk without needing to drink at all – especially if they eat copious quantities of bread or sugary treats. As a result, Alcohmancers may summon forth their inner spirits to create an Alemental. The strength of the Alemental is dependent on the Alcohmancer’s current state of inebriation (Rank 1[Alcohmancerx1]: Sober to Rank 5[Alcohmancerx5]: Blackout).

Alementals do not do physical damage, but instead, when they lash out in their perpetually drunken rage, inflicts upon those in the immediate vicinity (as well as their obvious target), inebriation as well as stamina damage. Alementals drain 5xAlcohmancer in stamina per round of combat and disappear once the Alcohmancer is unable to sustain the stamina cost, typically leading to the Alcohmancer passing out in drunken stupor.

Pick yer Poison:
Due to the high levels of alcohol running through their veins (bloodwine, if you will), Alcohmancers are incredibly resilient to ingested poisons. It takes twice to five times as much of an ingested poison (based on how many times the Advanced Class has been taken) for it to have an effect on the Alcohmancer


Seeing Double:
At any given time, an Alcohmancer is buzzed. And that’s putting it lightly. This does not help them at all if they get into a fight and, whether it’s with fisticuffs or with their own unique brand of magic, there’s a decent chance that they’re going to aim at the wrong target. Whenever an Alcohmancer attacks a single target, they have to roll a 1d5. On a 1 roll, they end up attacking a hallucination copy of their intended target, whiffing entirely. This does not affect the Alemental or Area of Effect spells.

The Greebs:
It is very hard to keep an Alcohmancer’s attention if it’s a subject that isn’t liquor based. Sometimes they hear things that aren’t being said. Sometimes they see things that aren’t really there. Sometimes, just maybe, they see beyond the veil into the horrors that lie beyond… which is precisely why they started drinking their way into becoming an Alcohmancer. In any case, the Greebs, as most Alcohmancers call it, are the little gremlins that seek to glut themselves upon Belariath’s prized booze and only they (the Alcohmancers) can see these incorporeal, ephemeral vermin harshing on everyone’s fun times.
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Re: Advanced Class Submission

Postby Adonai on Mon May 15, 2023 10:44 pm

Okay, honestly, I like this ahaha. I know it doesn't add much sorry, but it does seem cool, at least one race would not beable to do this class, but i could see the rest.
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