A castle is being build [Freelance work - September]

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A castle is being build [Freelance work - September]

Postby Shiho on Mon Aug 21, 2023 6:14 pm

In the far outskirts of the Nanthalion Forest preparations are being done to start the construction of a new castle.
A large part of the forest needs to be cleared for it, a drawbridge needs to be constructed over a moat... a basement needs to be dug. Enough to do and all the usual construction workers are rather busy.

There is room for you.

Freelance work
When: Starting September first to September 30, anyone is welcome to come and help out. (This includes REB workers, slaves, nobles, everyone)
Wage 10 mhl for every full 30 minutes worked. To a maximum of 200 mhl (10 hours for the month)
The maximum is per char, so if you have more than 1 char, you are welcome to continue the work with another.

Please when you have worked post in this thread
Name of char
Des time stamp of moment you started to work
Des time stamp of moment you ended work
Description of work done
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