Looking for input on helping with physical abilities

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Looking for input on helping with physical abilities

Postby Akaton on Sat Oct 08, 2022 4:06 am

Good day everyone.

I am working on a physical sphere system. The base idea of the system is in place. And with talking to Miyuka I got a green light to seek player input. So I have some abilities for the system that I came up with, but coming up with them all is no small task. So I am asking you all for your input on what sort of types of abilities you would like to see.

Now for ease of things. Abilities in my system will be in levels (1-5) most abilities would also have like slots (1-5) that improve with each increase. Some can just be a static 1 slot thing. So I am asking what you want to see as abilities. And if you can think of what would be basic abilities up to advanced things.

So I leave this here for any and all ideas. And don't try to be perfect in a design. This is really just a brainstorming session. Also we are looking for abilities that focus on stats, weapon usage, dual wielding, shield uses etc.... Also no idea is a bad idea. Cause whatever you have is important and it will be taken and modified if need be to fit the system and not all ideas will be used. Its just I want to know what you'd like to see.

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