Vulpine Tribe Dispositions

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Vulpine Tribe Dispositions

Postby CallieO on Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:23 pm

This is the current write-up for vulpine tribes and their dispositions. It has been updated with information from the original site, from back when the vulpine race was thought to be a sub-race of wolven. It includes every original vulpine tribe, and seven of the offshoots, but there are more offshoots not listed yet, and players are encouraged to create their own offshoots for their original characters.

Vulpine Tribe Dispositions
[updated 9/4/22]

Fire Tribe (Tribal Color: Red)

Favorite Classes: Warlord, Warrior, Fire Mage, Mage, Warrior Mage

Quick-tempered and emotional these Vulpine are best known for forcing the world to react to them instead of waiting to react to it. Their preferences in living can change easily, one day content to stay beneath a tree then wishing to live indoors the next. These Vulpine are fierce warriors as well, always in search of another grand battle with which to heighten and test their skills. Of all the Vulpines the elder of the Fire Tribe is considered the strongest warrior known and possessor or a blade crafted from the bone of a dragon.

Notable Members: Tahni, Severus

Cathaza Sect (sect of Fire Tribe)

A small sect of the Fire Tribe that numbers about 4,000. They live mostly in the desert and congregate around the oases therein. Because of the very harsh conditions they live in, they don't exile soulless ones, knowing it would mean their near-certain death.

Otala Tribe (offshoot of Fire Tribe)

Extremely aggressive and expansionist; believers in a "total war" philosophy. Unlike the other offshoot tribes, which departed their mother tribes of their own free will, the Fire Tribe kicked the original Otala Tribe out in the year 1209, finding them to be too adversarial to get along with. The Otala Tribe nearly wiped out the neighboring Karalinka Tribe in 1954.

Notable Members: Tuva Sarachi

Ahu Rano Sect (sect of Fire Tribe)

Needs filling in by Matwyn

Notable Members: Bechte

Water Tribe (Tribal Color: Blue)

Favorite Classes: Ranger, Warrior Mage, Water Mage, Mage, Mist Raider

The most peaceful of the Vulpine tribes, they often seek to be healers or mages. Looking to the water with which they hold a spiritual connection, they tend to flow with whatever life offers them. The clerics of this tribe are known for their desire to learn any and all ways of healing others. A vision of grace and charm the Elder of the Water tribe is also the race's most powerful healer and priestess.

The Water Tribe tends to congregate on seashores, riverbeds, oceanfronts, and islands.

Notable Members: Matwyn

Verlosi Tribe (offshoot of Water Tribe)

They make their home in the Ulma Valley, surrounded by the Jannitza Mountains, and most of them can be found in the city of Verlosi'ka. One of the largest of the offshoot tribes, with approximately 47,000 members.

Notable Members: Callie Volopa, Andralyn, Syl`Zhalti, Erin Tarcata, Zevede Astri

Cerulean Tribe (offshoot of Water Tribe)

Famous for Cerulean Tribe brisloni ale, which is green and very strong. The bulk of their population resides north of the Arctic Circle. They're known for being pleasant hosts. They keep primarily oral traditions originally, which eventually grew to expand into music, theater, and poetry. They've created a beautiful cultural tradition born in part from the harsh climate of the Arctic which kept most inside to avoid the bitter colds and nastier storms.

The Cerulean Tribe is made up almost exclusively of vash'ri (full-furred) vulpines, because they need the fur to survive the bitter winters.

The Cerulean Tribe is one of the few tribes that does not practice banishment of soulless ones, because they live in such harsh conditions that to separate a person from their village would probably mean their death.

Notable Members: Kumiko Fujiwara, Yaki, Umeko

Dakeeni Tribe (offshoot of Water Tribe)

The Dakeeni Tribe is spread throughout an island archipelago in the Western Ocean, and is made up of nal'ri and vash'ri vulpines alike. They hunt both the animals on their islands and those that live in the sea, and are very careful not to overhunt and disrupt the balance that is crucial to their long-term survival. Their Soul-Joining Ritual is a collective effort in which the group of siblings goes out onto a boat and hunts a shark using spears. The shark is brought back to their island, and its meat is usually enough to feed the entire family for the next two months. The shark's teeth are made into necklaces for the newly soul-joined siblings to wear proudly. The Dakeeni Tribe people in the archipelago do a lot of trading with each other and with the mainland continent, and are experts at celestial navigation.

Notable Members: Leo Varnado

Earth Tribe (Tribal Color: Brown)

Favorite Classes: Earth Mage, Mage, Artisan

Solid, dependable, and often very stubborn the Vulpines of the Earth tribe are the keepers of their races history and culture. Due to their special connection with the earth, especially stone and ore they are also highly talented artisans and blacksmiths. It is said their Tribe elder is both a powerful mage and artisan capable of creating exquisite weapons and armor, then enchanting them to make them even more powerful.

Notable Members: Ahzran, Jolanda

Highcliffs Sect (sect of the Earth Tribe)

The village is set within a series of canyons, with its architecture similar to real-life Anasazi cliff dwellings. They perform a war dance before battles.

Notable Members: Jolanda

Wind Tribe (Tribal Color: Purple)

Favorite Classes: Mage, Air Mage, Heirophant
Not Inclined to: Warlord

The Wind Tribe tends not to gather in large cities, preferring a nomadic lifestyle. They spend much of their time on high mountains, so that they can enjoy their connection to the sky. The moment a Wind Tribe member learns the Fly spell is considered a rite of passage in their culture. Free spirited and ever moving, the Vulpines of the Wind tribe are the explorers of the world in which they live and the myriad of sensations it can provide. Often preferring to live in the land and not within the enclosures others find so comforting they are also one of the more highly enslaved tribes. Both females and males easily captured and taken off for their deep curiosity and wanderlust. The Elder of this tribe is a skilled air mage who is known to spend weeks and even months among the clouds.

Bijongo Tribe (offshoot of Wind Tribe)

The jungle-dwelling Bijongo Tribe is made up mostly of nal'ri vulpines-- vulpines who have fur only on their ears and tails-- because of the extreme temperatures and humidity where they live. They generally shun contact from the outside world, and live in a moneyless communist lifestyle-- from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. For the handful of Bijongo Tribe members who've transitioned to "civilized" society, the concept of money was rather a shocking one to them. The Bijongo Tribe was unknown to most of the world until about 2008, when some members moved to Nanthalion and the surrounding area. A few of them have recently transcribed the legends of the tribe into Common for the first time. The Bijongo Tribe's Soul-Joining Ritual requires a high dive off of a cliff into a lake. Much of the Bijongo Tribe has been found to reside in Dethsiris.

Notable Members: Cosima

Forest Tribe (Tribal Color: Green)

Concerned with environmental protection and living in harmony with nature. Finding a home among the forests and trees these Vulpine are deeply connected to all plantlife and its protectors. Watching from the wooden giants around them they become playful and mischevious, tho this takes different forms depending on what they see. The rangers of this tribe are among the most adament protectors of the forest, having little patience at all for any who would harm it. The elder of the Forest tribe is the sole reason this race is at peace with the catpeople and other races in their territory.

Notable Members: Breeja Okoruuya

Karalinka Tribe (offshoot of Forest Tribe)

The Karalinka Tribe hails from the Great Forest around the Ironhills some 1,000 miles north of Nanthalion. They were one of the first offshoot tribes ever to form, and came about when a vulpine man from the Forest Tribe fell in love with a human woman from a neighboring, warring village. They were both banished from their respective villages, but got married out in the wilderness anyway, in the company of a few humans and vulpines who were their closest friends. They fell into a coma-like sleep, and all of them awoke as vulpines. The human bride, Karalinka, was reborn as a golden-furred, six-tailed vixen. Shortly thereafter, she and her husband had a clutch of six children, who ultimately formed the first six Karalinka Tribe villages.

When The Lady came to that first child, She said to her that the vulpines already had many warring tribes, and She wanted the Karalinka Tribe to be one of peace and harmony. For that reason, the Karalinka had ambassadors to every tribe and every nation, and tried to live in peace with all its neighbors.

However, the Karalinka Tribe was nearly wiped out by the Otala Tribe in 1954 at the end of their three-year war; about 20 members of the tribe which once numbered in the tens of thousands were left alive. The tribe has been slowly rebuilding since then, and now numbers about 2,000.

The Karalinka Tribe believes that every now and then, vulpine souls end up in the bodies of non-vulpines, granting those people a measure of The Lady's gifts. This belief is not shared by the mainstream Forest Tribe.

Karalinka Tribe hunters leave behind the innards of their kills, so as to feed the scavengers and carrion birds of the forest.

The Karalinka Tribe Soul-Joining Ritual involves sending a member out into the forest alone and unarmed for three weeks, and seeing if they survive.

The Karalinka Tribe does not, and never has, practiced banishment of soulless ones.

Notable Members: Velina, Aimee Sarasine, Isandte

Tingasi Tribe (offshoot of Karalinka Tribe)

The Tingasi Tribe disdains the use of almost any magic or advanced technology to make their lives simpler, though they will accept resurrections in the event of their premature deaths. They work as farmers, artisans, cooks, craftsmen, storytellers, musicians, and dancers. They wear very modest clothing, and do not have sex as part of their worship. Most of them choose to be monogamous to only one partner at a time, and three months before they get married, both partners will swear a jin'aka oath, choosing to abstain from all sexual activity, even between each other, until their wedding night.

The Tingasi Tribe is far enough off the beaten path of mainstream triestan that they're considered to have their own entirely different religious sect. But they still worship The Lady.

The Tingasi Tribe abhors violence in all its forms, even more than the peaceful Karalinka Tribe they broke off from. They will not hunt for their food, choosing instead to farm and gather.

Void Tribe (Tribal Color: Black)

The darkest of all tribes, and the most violent, these Vulpine look to the death and the blackness beyond it in their pursuit of knowledge. The shamans of this tribe are feared and respected for having a strange insight into the ways of life. Their warriors are often brutally fierce in combat, looking upon any who they defeat as unworthy of death. The Void Tribe's Elder is both a powerful shaman and the owner of seven enslaved Wolven females, a testament to his power and influence amongst his people.

Notable Members: Meiwun

Celestial Tribe (Tribal Color: Yellow)

Perhaps the most noble of all the tribes, these Vulpine seek to protect and help those less fortunate then themselves and are devotely religious. The Celestial Elder is called the First Son of The Lady, Her most powerful priest and mage; his skill in the ways of magic is unparalleled among the other tribes.

Lingorian Tribe (offshoot of Celestial Tribe)

A tribe known for their exotic foodstuffs and beverages; is most famous for making Lingorian keeza, which is the Belariath version of Swiss cheese. They live near the Eastern Ocean, and host a famous vulpine monastery of Rinaya whose monks produce the legendary Tianopo honey, which is the active ingredient in the famous "tinjako'hox", or orgasm pie. The Lingorian Tribe is one of the few vulpine tribes that doesn't cast out soulless ones. In fact, a disagreement with the Celestial Tribe on the treatment of soulless ones is what caused the Lingorians to break off from them.

Notable Members: Tennibrook Balmossie
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Re: Vulpine Tribe Dispositions

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Can add Era Densetsu to the Verlosian Water Tribes
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