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Ambrosius Designer Smokes -

Postby Dante_Ambrogio on Tue May 23, 2023 7:58 pm

Coming soon to Nanthelion Proper!

Ambrosius Designer Smokes; the very first smokeshop Belariath has seen on scene. We will provide all of the essential tobacco's and single use smoking items that you need to be Mr. Cool or Madame Mysterious as you walk the world!

Not only that but within the halls of Ambrosius Designer Smokes you will find extravagantly luxurious lounges for socializing and sharing time with friends or lovers, having clandestine meet-ups within the shrouds of silken veils and private booths. We only ask that you keep any and all bloodshed out of our establishment unless you wish to clean your own mess with your tongue!

Come find us in Nanthelion proper behind the Real-Estate Brokers. We officially open our doors for public consumption May 30, 2023! *Date of opening may be subject to change depending upon the needs of operator staff involved in aiding us get properly set-up - see our menu and further details here
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