A letter to Tagalog, Lord Sorgram's Shield

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A letter to Tagalog, Lord Sorgram's Shield

Postby Azara on Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:27 pm

As per Lord Sorgram's instructions, she sends the following letter.

Shield Tagalog,

Lord Sorgram has bid me to contact you regarding the situation involving my clan. Two female members of Clan Silvercloud are missing. We suspect that they are victims of the recent acts of aggression made by unknown wolven. Search parties have been sent out in hopes of finding our missing sisters, but I fear they have been taken from the valley. Two warriors from the Sisterhood of Silvercloud were sent with each search party to do what is necessary to recover our sisters and/or seek retribution from any wolven found to be involved in their kidnapping. However, Lord Sorgram has made his wish known that he would prefer this to be a coordinated effort so I have sent messengers out to only do what is needed to rescue our sisters if they are found and, that should any other suspicious wolven be discovered, to only assess what they see and to report that information back to me. I will then pass it on to you.

Please advise if this is the only communication you need from me or if you would like to arrange a meeting.


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Re: A letter to Tagalog, Lord Sorgram's Shield

Postby Kanid on Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:13 am

Madame Silvercloud:

My thanks for your timely contact. I have sent scouts and irregulars out in search of your two sisters, but of course, nothing I have at my disposal will match your own skills and determination to find those you care for. Please, feel free to meet me at the mountain temple at your earliest convenience, or failing that, send word as to where you would prefer to meet. I am here to help you, and every citizen of this Valley. Please, contact me and I will make it my business to bring this unpleasant circumstance to an end.


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