A Letter for L`aquera

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A Letter for L`aquera

Postby Sorgram on Mon May 28, 2012 8:16 pm

On parchment, watermarked with the six hammer erupting volcano, sealed with the hammer/anvil symbol pressed into the blood red wax, just as it is pressed into the great doors of the Fire Mountain temple, was written the below.

Penned in the writing one might expect the fire itself to write were the words from a temple to a certain red headed fire mage of renown and petiteness.

jallil elg'caress chath,

With severe humility and honor, I am contacting you in regards to a matter in which you may wish my services. I, very well understand that you may feel that you have no desire or want to need me or anything about me. I, as a being of the flame, purveyor of the will of a diety in this mortal existence certainly understand the knowledge that chaos flowing through ones veins such as ours can preclude us to think that we do not need the assistance or guidance of another.

However, i entreat you to consider this. I have born witness to recent events of late, taken an interest in their effects, particularly upon those of power far beyond the majority and most importantly upon yourself. I have seen the wrought of such, as well as i believe, the demoralizing effects of this situation upon yourself. I have also noticed, perhaps, a spark on tender of a need to mitigate these occurrences.

As I know that festivities are on their way, and I shall celebrate with your kin, I would encourage post Vlos Swan Drathir as a time of our meeting, unless of course, there is an urgency within you that needs satisfying prior to this day.

By Uvelcra's most humble servant,

Grand Mallus, Hearth of Entropy
Temple of the Fire and Mountain

The scroll, rolled tigtly, would find its way to her personal papers, delivered as if by the flame a tell tale sign of ash might be discovered near wher it lay.
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Re: A Letter for L`aquera

Postby SonCha033 on Mon Oct 05, 2020 4:43 pm

Quite amazing writing.
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