Traael and Deliya

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Traael and Deliya

Postby Sha`Ruse on Wed May 15, 2019 1:02 am

Once the pair had returned to their home at the Keep, Traael was excited for the modeling that Deliya promised her they would have. Traael would have summon someone to bring down some good meats and cheeses, bread and crackers down to her bedroom, with a bottle of wine with two glasses, or something else that Deliya might like to drink, before they even got home, so when they moved down to Traael's bedroom, the fire would be lit to keep the room from being so cold, and have the drinks and food there in her 'entertaining' area in front of the room made up. The door to the washroom was closed, and her room was nice and tidy. Traael would pour the two glasses of wine and picks them up and offers a glass to Deliya before moving to her fainting couch and lays down on it, moving towards the back so that Deliya could sit before her on the couch. "Are you pleased with what you got, my Princess?" She would ask her, taking a sip of her wine as her body coiled around Deliya's. "I know I want them modeled for me, so I can help you choose what jewels to get, but first things first. Why do you want to be apart of my family?" She asked her softly, pushing herself up on her elbow to get a better look of her face, "You so readily agreed, and don't think I'm not happy, because I am overjoyed that you wish to be mine, but I want to know your thoughts as well. What do you want from me out of this relationship? What do you want me to provide for you? I promise you I will never leave you, as I have never left anyone before without prior notice when I am to see my Dragon." She would tell her, her tail wrapping into Deliya's lap, the tail tip flickering slowly.
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Re: Traael and Deliya

Postby Allie on Tue May 28, 2019 6:07 pm

Deliya was still in quite the shock after she and her new Mistress had went on that wild shopping spree at the Naked Bird, she'd been a tailor ever since she'd given up her life of crime, which frankly had paid much better, and every day the elfling would watch as the fanciest dresses were crafted altered and swept out the store by those of better means.. and here she was with more of those amazing garments than she had ever imagined that she might some day save up for! She really didn't deserve it, at least not to her mind, but who was she to argue with a woman like the ruby dream? And the short sylvan was utterly ecstatic at the prospect of trying each and every one on, perhaps in another's company there would be some modesty in changing before peering eyes, she might have even sought out a folding screen or changing room, but she felt utterly at ease in Mistress Traael's presence.. indeed she found the thought of the drak sen gazing at her near naked form quite tantalizing!

And yet still there was a touch of nerves tickling at her belly when the two arrived at the woman's grand keep, she had seen such buildings from afar but had never once imagined that she might belong to such a place.. perhaps she'd pondered scaling the walls and pilfering a few things from similar establishments but even she wasn't so daft as to risk that. When she saw what was to be her room she was utterly astounded, it was fit for someone far more important than she.. it was quite easy to believe that she had found herself in some sort of waking dream. Her Mistress' room was of course far more impressive, and rightfully so, and the little elfling felt quite privileged simply to be allowed to witness its grandeur.. she wasn't hungry her stomach all but trembling but she would happily accept a glass of wine if only to soothe her nerves, although in the end that was hardly necessary as the dream was just so sweet and caring that she was soon brought quickly to ease.

She was still in a bit of a daze when the woman spoke to her blinking a bit before she could properly respond "Pleased? I'd hardly be thinking that such a word could begin to describe it Mistress" pausing a moment in her words as she gathered her thoughts "But 'tis far more important that *you* are pleased with your newest acquisitions" which she supposed very much included herself, she did want to look her best for the woman that would soon legally be her owner. The elf still couldn't get over the way that the drak called her Princess, surely she was anything but and yet it still filled her with such a powerful warmth which was quite unfamiliar to her. And the woman was speaking of jewelry? For her?! And to think that not long ago she'd have jumped at the chance to get her tiny hands on all the finery that she could manage and now she questioned if she was even worth it.

But as much as she looked forward to modeling these wonderful outfits, to discovering the woman that she might become under the ruby dream's tutelage, the question that followed was more than enough to overpower all other thoughts. For a moment she remained silent, working through her own thoughts and emotions as she herself hadn't been entirely sure why she had so quickly and readily agreed to this arrangement. All she could do was be perfectly honest "I-I just knew that it was right Miss.. Mistress" quickly correcting herself "When first I met you I was certain that I wanted to be closer to you, that I needed to be by your side. That this was where I belonged" and only after the words had left her lips did the elfling truly understand herself. She had not met this family that the drak spoke of and the thought of doing so was another source of tension, would they accept her so easily as this woman had done? She might have worried herself silly over that but once the dream's tail coiled about her resting upon her lap she was perfectly calm once more.. everything would be ok, she was absolutely certain of it.
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