A Fortuitous (but uneasy) Alliance

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A Fortuitous (but uneasy) Alliance

Postby Vexademus on Tue Nov 21, 2023 8:53 am

A late letter to a friendly bandit who splits her time between pirating waterside and roguish pursuits on land. It arrives heralded to the woman who provided many marvels to Vexademus in the span of but a singular full day. The missive seal is broken and opened to read thusly.

My Esteemed Auriol,

I trust my letter finds you in excellent health and prosperity. It has been some months since my break in travel from Solandias back to Nanthalion. Your kindness during that singular night of rest is well remembered and reminisced upon fondly.
In fact, the conversation prior to the night's activities was as captivating as the latter. And the object you had shown me is of great interest; by mention of this "Animumbra".
I should like to see it once more. The cover of it was quite enthralling as well as the pages you had flipped through in showcase, the empty vellum in between certain writs exemplifying that I could add to it, as well as use what is inside. Indeed, I should be making an offer to purchase it from you with great relish, taking into consideration that my bid for it would be the only one? If not, I should take it upon myself to make sure it is. Mentioning something of specific Gloom trade that goes 'untaxed' by the empire would definitely put a stranglehold of funneled funds into your coffers, wouldn't it? I would very much like to see that your chest stays full, mind you, with continuation of such for the remainder of your prosperity, dear Auriol.
Please accept the sent gift as an example of my gratuity in keeping the tome itself safe in expectance of my next visit. If it's sudden absence greets me, I would be in a sour state with no taste for wine or for patient words.
That being said, I am sure that your small cottage desires another string of good tidings and promised safe times within.

My absolute sincerest regards,

She sits back, laying letter down and looking off to some unseen entity, knowing that she probably triggered a scrying trap. There is a faint sound of air exhaled through nostrils as if in distaste but, in fact, the expression is more akin to one of amused challenge.
"So. My lady threatens me sweetly by thinking to blackmail me. What a cunning twat. Well, by all means. Let's see what that mage is willing to do for something so priceless..."
"In the whispers of the wind and water to the dance of the flames in the rock, behold the mystic weave of aether, for within every shimmering ember of energy lies the tale of destiny entwined and the magic that binds my soul to the arcanic tapestry eternal."
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