Saqwana is looking for companions

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Saqwana is looking for companions

Postby Saqwana Ironfist on Tue Jan 04, 2022 3:54 am

I Saqwana Ironfist am seeking a female slave and/or concubine. I have no hard preference for any race, though I love the idea of her having a minotaur lass under her collar cause size difference is fun. My schedule is a bit all over, but I am usually on in the mornings or at night depending on work. I will always tell prospective partners what days I have off so we can do bigger things. if you are interested ping me under one of my many aliases.

Anyone want HiaTanayana, Isholdu, Justina, Kalisha, Lucian, Miriam Thistleflower, Nikolas, Orael Brewster, Patricia Saltpaws, Quinna, Rathlo, Saqwana Ironfist, Thad, Unana, Velina, Willomena, Xelia, Yandel, Zargek, please pm. Do you need the BA/Bazaar(market)/BT/GG/GS/MMR/NB/HoDW/HotRP/OOTB/TW/SS/SaS please pm.
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Re: Saqwana is looking for companions

Postby Stormbringer on Sun Jan 30, 2022 10:09 pm

Posts like this will get more attention in the 'searching for' thread
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