ISA Staff

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ISA Staff

Postby L`aquera on Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:17 am

Here is a current list of the staff at the Imperial Slave Authority:


Slavemistress: Tawny
Assistant head Slave mistress...TBA
Head Slave Trainer: Angelica Catpaws

Registrar: Tyjir
Registrar: Psykhe
Registrar: Goldie GoldenWing
Registrar: Jess`ka
Registrar: Sutara
Registrar: Philana Sanjeet
Registrar: Asmondeaus


Assistant S.Master: Gravik
Asst. Head Slave Trainer: Cleothina

Registrar: Adonai
Registrar: TBA
Registrar: TBA

ISA Trainer: Andara
ISA Trainer: Istoaj
ISA Trainer: Lucas
ISA Trainer: Seran
ISA Trainer: ShaKa
ISA Trainer: Valardghast



Adrienna - 1 License
AllisterShrike - 2 Licenses
Aramis - 1 License
ArcticBlast - 1 License
Ariellia - 2 Licenses
Ashen - 1 License
Christine-Daae - 1 License
Ciroth - 1 License
Cynvalas-Avernus - 1 License
DarkDreamer - 1 Licenses
Irontail - 1 License
Lar - 1 License
Lethtal-Nethalm - 2 Licenses
Naianya DeCascas - 1 License
Rashka Kiernan - 1 License
Rashuroar-Ashenfang - 1 License
Ray`el - 2 Licenses
Sha-Ka - 2 Licenses
Tamryn Kathahles - 1 License
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