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Postby L`aquera on Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:18 am

This is from Stormbringer:

1. In any circumstances, when a slave misbehaves badly, they and their owner are giving implied OOC consent for the owner to be fined. How they sort out money between themselves is up to the players (in other words, if the fine is then taken from the slave by the owner, is strictly up to those involved). Regardless, it must be shown that the -owner- has paid the fee.

2. If it continues, they are also giving implied OOC consent for the implication that slave training takes place and is paid for by the owner. What that means is that any actual training scene/s would need real OOC consent but the payment would still be taken and training inferred in the slave's history even if it wasn't played out. If it is not played out, the money will then be subbed (!money sub # mhl) rather than being paid to a specific Slaver/Trainer.

3. If there is OOC consent, either the sanctioned Slaver/ISA Trainer who will be doing the training, or the IG's acting for the ISA, can roleplay taking charge of a slave who needs training, with the owner footing the bill as above, and the fees will then be paid to the Slaver/Trainer (!money give -Trainer- # mhl).

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