Slaver Hokima Tesh`Rimon - 1 License

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Slaver Hokima Tesh`Rimon - 1 License

Postby Azara on Fri May 08, 2020 2:36 am

Posted at the Imperial Slave Authority, The Lonely Inn, and other various locations throughout Nanthalion, is the following: By the authority of the ISA, sanctioned by Stormbringer, Emperor of Belariath, Hokima Tesh`Rimon, has been granted license to acquire, whether willing or by capture, a merchandise slave to train and sell. Let it be known that, Hokima Tesh`Rimon, is now acknowledged as an official Slaver with all the privileges, and responsibilities, therein.

What must be posted in this thread:
1) OOC consents of Slaver and merchandise slave.
2) List training skills the slave has acquired (if any). Note: These should be posted during the 6 week interim.
3) When a buyer has been found, OOC consents from ALL parties must be posted, including the selling price.
4) Once approved, post the payment transfer from Des.

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