Slaver Katipo 1 license

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Slaver Katipo 1 license

Postby Tawny on Tue Mar 12, 2024 10:02 pm

Posted at the Imperial Slave Authority, The Lonely Inn, and other various locations throughout Nanthalion, is the following: By the authority of the ISA, sanctioned by Stormbringer, Emperor of Belariath, Katipo, has been granted license to acquire, whether willing or by capture, a merchandise slave to train and sell. Let it be known that, Katipo, is now acknowledged as an official Slaver with all the privileges, and responsibilities, therein.

What must be posted in this thread:
1) OOC consents of Slaver and merchandise slave.
2) List training skills the slave has acquired (if any). Note: These should be posted during the 6 week interim.
3) When a buyer has been found, OOC consents from ALL parties must be posted, including the selling price.
4) Once approved, post the payment transfer from Des.
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