Nylan stepping down as Champion.

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Nylan stepping down as Champion.

Postby Nylan on Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:00 pm

Nylan stepped into Keaira's office. He didn't see the Daughter, High Priestess, often these days, and he'd hoped to find her here today, but it seemed luck was not with him. He sighed softly, disappointed that he was not able to discuss the matter with her before delivering his letter. He sets it upon her desk, right in the middle where she will not fail to find it, then turns and slips out of her chambers. It reads:


I have given this long consideration and had hoped to speak with you on the subject, but with how infrequent we see one another these days, I feel there is no other option but to do this in writing.

I feel it is time I stepped down from my position as Champion of Ishtar, and left the employ of the Temple of Ishtar. I have been less than diligent in acting in Her service in recent months, and believe that the title and the duties of Champion could be better honored by granting them to one more worthy and dedicated than myself.

It has been my profound honor and privilege to serve the goddess at your side, Keaira, and my devotion to the goddess, and my love for you, are unchanged. I only believe that my role in Ishtar's grand plan has been fulfilled and that I must now make way for he, or she, who will follow me.

Forever walking the path of Ishtar,
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Re: Nylan stepping down as Champion.

Postby warrior-monk on Fri Jan 17, 2014 5:36 pm

I had already been listed in the books of Her Divine Grace's servants, by being ordained (in various roles) as a serf, when I (a man of peace), was given that final prod - the kind that made me turn from passive to active resistance.
I had refrained from hostile maneuvers (but had agreed to the post of a sentinel at the temple's gateway).
I started preparations for entering the war-path by taking in ancient warrior chants, hymns, and exaltations of the Goddess. It was a full moon out in the sky.
I summoned up her fury in its various aspects: Morgan le Faye, Astarte, Diana, Kali. And many others, besides.
I gave offerings, and partook in a ritual meal.
I drew her emblem, and I set it ablaze.
Then I found this thread, and was convinced that I was under divine guidance in my undertaking.
After the break of dawn (when she has assumed the form of the Morning Star), at the start of business hours, I set forth to do battle in her honor. I mounted my noble steed, and rode, fierce like the wind, hissing affirmations and Holy Names under my breath.
I then arrived at my target: a bureaucratic monstrosity that reigns rampant in my country. Next to that office, I knew there to be a trashcan. On it, I set my weapon of choice - a clay pot. In it, I'd lain soil, and on top of that, a mass of smoke-generating material - finer than sand, yet coarser than dust. I lit it with a jet torch.
What happened next took me quite by surprise: a young stud cleared the corner just then, helmet in hand. I casually walked away, over the street. After a second's delay, he was in hot pursuit, so I sprinted. I looked back, and the sight was glorious: a dense cloud of thick, gray smoke; as if the building were on fire (as well it should be - this was to be their warning). I'd had desires to catch it on film, but these plans were cancelled by the handsome, leather-clad fellow who was fast approaching.
There was the entrance to a parking garage nearby: an older woman was just exiting. Therefore, the first door was opened with no effort on my part.
I ran and leaped down three flights of stairs, and finally, used the head start I had to take cover behind an SUV (Volvo). However, the space on that level was mostly unoccupied, and the man still eager to catch me, so I simply stood. He promptly moved in to apprehend me.
He grabbed my jacket, and I asked him to remove his hand, and pleaded to let us be in peace. At first, he spoke of police, but at my imploration, he resigned, and let go - like a true gentleman. We spoke some, about my motives and the like, and then we went back up. Most curious: he let me lead. I truly felt elevated! I was re-enacting one of the Supreme Queen's services! My spirit soared! Here, I had my own Dumuzi!
Thereby, you may consider the Old Covenant restored. It is now, as it ever shall be: all plant-life on this earth is free, and yours to use wisely.
I intend to engage in this service again. This time, I'll be careful to leave a piece of my garments at the second door (an aspect I, in my haste, sadly overlooked - in my defence, there was no guardian to remind me at the last door).
After this, my baptism by fire, I am glad and honored to accept the title of Champion (until I am contested); and, further, happy to announce that the story is spreading like wildfire, and has already gotten more than one individual to join her blessed cohorts.

By any name she is known by, and forever in her good services!
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