Research Note - "The Lost Researcher"

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Research Note - "The Lost Researcher"

Postby Sarmani on Sat Feb 12, 2022 8:56 am

Research Note Left in the Office of Saphamira

"Hurricanes present unprecedented undersea movement in Dethsiris. Going to observe effects on ocean life, and reactions to conditions. Potentials for weatherbased reactions too good to pass up."

"For anyone seeking Researcher Sarmani, will be in Dethsiris for the duration of the hurricanes. Please leave all messages with the expectation that I will return in two days in order to check messages and deposit findings."

-message found shortly before the hurricanes struck Dethsiris. Sarmani did not return at the appointed time. No indication that she has returned to Nanthalion via the portal or any other means.
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