Legends of Belariath


Well, I guess that says it all. But Help with what? What kind of help can I get? Help with descriptions, what you need for background, how to prod Desdaemona for a +v and generally how and where to look for Races and classes and the rules. What this world is really all about. When you first come to Belariath it's pretty overwhelming to you. You scratch your head, you groan and you think why do I have to have all this? This is confusing. Is anyone on to help me?

Let's see if we can pan this out for you, the new player and old alike so that no one is lost here and everyone can grasp the same page without wrinkling it. Lets start with a general background in the history of Belariath itself, how it began as far as what you see from today.

About the Fantasy

The concepts of Belariath are very simple and easily understood. It is a fantasy world inhabited by various races, some from Greek or Norse/Germanic mythology, others from the traditional fantasy worlds of Tolkein and others, plus a few that are the original creations of visitors. The races are selected to co-exist in a coherent environment so we exclude other fantastical creatures including vampires and werewolves, aliens, demons and tentacle monsters.

While Belariath has grown into a complex and inclusive role-playing world, slavery, forced sex and combat are still frequent themes of both the web site and the role play environment. So too is sex between humans and fantasy creatures. You can hardly avoid these concepts as they are naturally accepted practice on Belariath. For role-play purposes, we always give people the option. You do not have to take part in any of those activities and there are lots of other reasons to be here. But equally you cannot object to the things happening around you.

If Belariath is not for you, then we respect your views but we aren't going to change it. If you feel a heroic impulse to rescue all the damsels in distress, well I have to tell you they really don't want to be rescued. If you prefer an environment where explicit scenes are prohibited, there are many such available online.

The basis of Belariath is that all these activities are normal and accepted as part of everyday life. The strong take from the weak. As such, these events are not seen as aberrations but as the natural acts of people who inhabit this world. Because of that there is no direct correlation between what happens on Belariath and similar acts if they were practiced on Earth. None of those involved in the site creation or role play have any sympathy or tolerance for rape or slavery outside of consensual fantasy.

Note that this is not a Gorean styled world where females are always weak and subservient. Both sexes have the opportunity to play either strong or weak characters. Also do note that the actions of your character will always create consequences. Your character does not have to be a fighter but if s/he goes around acting tough and being aggressive, it will be too late to cry off when some other character takes offense.

The Web Site

Belariath is a site with two aims. One is to provide an entertaining view into a fantasy world very different from Earth. The other is to provide all the background information to the online game based on that world. Hopefully it succeeds on both levels.

The project is very much a collaborative effort overseen (or dominated) by StormBringer. It involves many people including writers and artists. Admin members help guide development and keep the online role-play running smoothly, while many of the visitors also add their experiences and ideas, to the overall benefit of everyone.

Most of the technical stuff concerning the database and Desdaemona (the IRC bot) was either programmed or adapted by naiya{SB}. Without her help, much of what we have here would be impossible. Now it's maintained by our Pesky Elf, Ehlanna and a grand job she does of it. Don't forget to thank her when ideas become the reality.

Also, to more easily find specific parts of the website, we have a link to the site map HERE.

How to begin

Now that you understand how the world was created and what it's about, lets touch on where you, the player get to begin.


This sounds simple enough; I get to create my very own character, yeehaw! But wait, where to start? Start with the Races. Keep in mind that we offer several races as playable characters. From the Drak Sen that are dreamed into being, to the pixies those are not born but awake beneath a leaf to a mushroom to even a lovely bed of flowers. To the Elves, both high and sylvan and the moriel. We also offer the unusual in the centaur and the minotaur and even the delicate swan may. Read everything over carefully, what best fits your personality or the characters personality you have in mind.

Now, once you've the idea and you're stuck on being a sylvan elf, let's take that a step further and delve now into Classes. You want to be a warrior? Or do you want to be one of those mysterious mages? Perhaps you're more into the singing variety of bards? Maybe you'd rather be a simple layman, those that are the mainstay of Belariath itself. Those that create and grow what we eat to what we use in our every day lives here. Maybe you'd like to dance for a living or entertain a crowd. The choice is your own of course but think very carefully before you delve into anything. Read the class thoroughly before jumping in. Down the line as you grow and gain levels you can chose different classes that flow along with the first class chosen and further down the line you'll get to choose an Advanced Class. All those goodies can be yours but always read. Decide and then plot out your character.


Alright! You've finally chosen your race, sylvan elf, and you've decided to go with mage! Good job so far, the tough part is almost over. So you are in the Character Creation, you've picked what you wanted and now its saying, put your stat points where you most need them. Okay, what the heck is this?

Very simple really. If you've chosen a mage a mages primary abilities are going to lie within Intelligence (int) and Resistance (res) as well as Stamina (stam). But wait? What do these mean? Alright, let's give you the full list of stats and what their terminology will mean so that you can grasp it far easier.

Intelligence - As cunning it manifests into an increased chance of successfully making a physical attack or avoiding one at a distance. As mental ability it increases the chance of forming a spell and directing it.

Stamina - How long you can keep fighting for without getting tired. If STA falls below 2 then it is not possible to fight but the player can evade until STA is recovered. If STA falls to 0 the player can no longer move and loses. If a player evades regaining STA, their opponent automatically gains 2 STA back too.

Strength - The ability to do physical damage and the ability to absorb damage while continuing to fight.

Agility - Increases the possibility of making a physical attack and also the possibility of avoiding an attack.

Resistance - The ability to ignore outside influences and concentrate the mind. Useful for both making and avoiding magical attacks. A secondary effect is the ability to withstand debilitating conditions such as poison.

Life - The amount of damage you can take before becoming too wounded to fight on. If LFE falls to 0 or below the combatant is incapacitated and loses the fight. They may play being incapacitated or knocked out. While incapacitated you can still speak and thereby yield if you choose to assume yield is an option for you. See Yield rules for more information on yielding and the circumstances when you can actually get killed and will need to be resurrected.

Slots - The number and power of spells carried.

Okay so now you are aware of what slots are, you've read your class and you've finally placed your extra stats you get where you want them, you press that continue button and you see description and background. Let's take a moment and explain what we are looking for with both of these.

Description and Background

Description is just that, what does your character look like? Is she tall, thin, fat, gregarious, blond or brown hair? Does she have wings? A tail? What does your character in your minds eye, look like? If she's a cat person, what colored fur do you wish? Keep in mind that you can be any color you want but neon, striped or plexi glassed. And I say that with all humor. From soft normal hues of gold and brown to the darker blacks or even white to red. But chose something that is a 'normal' coloration and not green with purple and white polka dots. Keep it simple and remember this is a fantasy role play that's set into a more medieval time frame so sunglasses, jeans, lycra and tennis shoes are not going to exist here.

Background? What does that mean? It means, where did your character come from. What was his or her life like? Did you have parents or are you a Drak Sen that was dreamed into being? Were you a normal happy child? Can you describe that a bit? What made your character what he is today and why did he seek out Nanthalion? These are things you need to add to your background as simplistic or as flowing as you wish.

Where is The Lonely Inn?

The #The_Lonely_Inn is situated on sorcery net and can be found by the use of irc or mIRC or perhaps a variant there of. We do ask that you join the #Lonely_Inn_OOC for all questions or problems and an Op will be happy to help you. Okay so now you're on sorcery net and you are using mIRC and you've found the channel. But! You are confused, you see everyone has a +v next to their nicks and you don't. But you want one! You've got your character all done; you are just biting nails waiting to join in on the fun of role-playing. But now what? Ok, don't panic! Welcome, first of all to the world of Belariath, please pm or Private Message our friendly bot Desdaemona. How do I do that? If you are new to mIRC do a /msg Desdaemona. However, she of course isn't a real live human being so your conversations are going to be pretty boring. But to gain your voice within channel and begin your experience in our world we've created you want to do a quick !login yourpassword yournickname. Into the bot of course, not into the channel so let's do this again. You're going to do a /msg Desdaemona !login heythisismypassword Imbuttercup. The bot will then search her scroll for you name that you've created on our site, smile and bequeath you with a voice! Wasn't that easy! Now the real fun begins.

We would rather you not be so overwhelmed your first day that you run for the hills and think, maybe later I'll try. Rather we would like you to feel welcomed. Ask any question you need an answer to in the OOC room or in #Lonely_Inn_OOC and an Op or even one of your fellow players will be kind enough to answer. Even if you feel silly. Don't. We were all you at one time. We understand. Keep in mind the Rules, I hope you read them of course! You are going to need those.

The channels offered to you in this role-playing environment are:

#The_Lonely_Inn - #Lonely_Inn_OOC - #TLI-Forest - #TLI-Quest - #TLI-Arena - #TLI-Town - #TLI-Baths - #TLI-Magic - #TLI-Borderlands - #TLI-Temple

Further Rules not always covered but something you should know!

While creating your character please keep in mind that you cannot play your own sibling or father to mother. Nor can you play another persons sibling without express ooc permission from Stormbringer himself. This also applies to Hermaphrodites.

Do not fling about insults within the channel. Everyone does lose their tempers from time to time and of course we do understand. Don't be a general disruption however or feel you must get in the last word and then huff your way out of the channel. This will be looked upon very poorly and you will likely suffer experience point losses to kicks and or bans. Do not put on your hero cape and think to save everyone, this is frowned upon. Do not sit in more then one In Character or IC channel. Do not linger or idle in any In Character or IC channels for more then 15 minutes or an op will whisper in your ear to leave and or you'll get a kick. If this is seen on more then just one occasion and you've been warned, it will result again in experience point loss to bans. So mind yourself. Also, remember to turn your Auto Joins off.

OK, you're good to go. remember to look around the rest of the site as time permits. And remember you don't get to do it all on your first day. Much as you may want to, you aren't going to beat that troll, capture a slave, sex up a nymph and be crowned queen of the fairies within an hour of arriving. Roleplay requires time to develop your character and to interact with those around you. After all, they have their own aims too; it isn't just a computer game based around your character. Ease into it gradually and don't get disheartened if players who have been there for years don't immediately fall over themselves to pander to your desires.