Legends of Belariath

IC Revenge

What is Revenge within IC?

Sally{CW} slips into the Inn, rather put off by her latest shopping trip. She didn't ask for red leather, she asked for dark blood red. She's angry already so it doesn't help that Jack the Pirate steps into her path with a leering look over her curves and a "Hey pretty thing. How'd you like to serve my Master!" pointing at his cod-piece! Sally the slave takes a look at his cod-piece and responds with a witty comeback "Oh! I didn't know they came in extra small!" Smirks, and walks around Jack the Pirate. Now Jack, being well endowed, is rather furious this luscious slave he wants just called him 'small' in a witty sort of way! He turns on his heel and grabs her hair. A fight ensues, she comes out with ripped clothing and Jack walks out with a smile on his face. Probably cause his cod-piece is sticking on one plump breast and he's just shown her whose NOT small!

So far so good right? However... Sally's Master, Cedric Wheelbarrel, a known mocker of all, Troll extraordinaire finds his slave, Sally, torn and in not great shape on the floor of the Inn. Calls over a healer, forks over 20 meherials to get her healed and rolls up his sleeves. That's it! He's tired of Jack trouncing his lovelies! He's going to show Jack how to use that cod-piece and where he should use it! Said cod-piece in hand, Cedric finds Jack and shoves the cod-piece where the sun doesn't shine. He's happy; he's satisfied and walks off to find himself a pretty thing to boast to. Jack... is trounced and realizing that leather cod-pieces are defunct. He'll buy a steel one next time!

This is a good example of when revenge in an IC environment is fun, and a'ok for everyone.

What is not, a'ok is Revenge on others when it's not your Slave or Mate. Yes I said, Mate! Let's say Sally wasn't collared. Nor was she Cedric's Mate. Was that then, an a'ok, mate? No. However! There is the age old rule as well that if all parties agree OOC and it MUST be talked of prior to the revenge, not after! Then it IS ok. Because you've gained the consent of the person you just went to go beat up. They might like the fact that they could be in on some fun, even if it does humiliate their character. Because really... Nanthalion is a cruel harsh place. Its not unforeseen that maybe you are actually LOOKING for that. Again, however, this must be agreed upon by ALL parties. Before the revenge comes. By the way.. Pets do not follow into the category of being able to avenge them. Only Slaves and Mates. Not Pets. Not friends.