Legends of Belariath

Rape in the Workplace

Rape in the work place, is it plausable?

Of course it is. You as an employee are always at risk for this to happen.

Rape in the work place, is it a criminal offense?

Absolutely NOT. Rape can happen anywhere, at any time to anyone. You are NOT safe from rape in the work place. The Imperial Guard will NOT protect you from a rape, indeed they had best either give you a sympathetic pat on the head and then tell you to find a healer or a lover to cry it out on and send you on your way, shake their heads and do nothing about it or they will not wear that tag of IG for long. The IG's job is to protect the Emperor and what is HIS. Yes, as an employee you are the Emperors property but rape is common place, likely your boss, your friend, your lover, your mate is doing the exact same thing as what was done to you.

Is Rape in the work place a seekable Revenge?

NO. No. NO.

Is Rape in the work place automatic or do I get the usuall OOC consent?

Darn skippy OOC consent is needed! If they don't have this, just because you are working at any shop, doesn't give someone the automatic right to rape you, its still up to you. Your answer is the last answer that matters in this. If you dont' want to be raped, make that statement firmly in the other persons PM. Don't wait until its gotten hot and heavy. As well, the person that wishes to rape you should also be asking if you are OK with this, but if they don't, its YOUR job as well to inform them immediately. And if anyone gives you flack for saying no, do point that person out to an OP and we will politely or impolitely inform them to take a hike. No bullying, no insulting, no form of harrasment in this will be tolerated.

If this is NOT clear, let me go one step further here. Rape is an accepted thing within Belariath as a whole. An every day, every hour every five minute occurance. Its eventually going to happen, or an attempt made on another. Its part of the genre here. This however doesn't MEAN in the LEAST that you as the player behind your character have to follow and flow with this, thats why we have OOC consent. You do NOT need to be raped or rape to be accepted in this channel. But it is part of the theme and we would rather no matter what you preference is, not to dump any angry vibes on another of why you like or dislike this faction. State your opinion but don't get rude about it.

Rape cannot be revenged unless its been coupled with a sever beating, burning, branding, drowning ect. ect. by your MATE or MASTER/Mistress... no one else can take revenge for such actions. And no one else will be approved to do so except in that extreme case of brutality in beating. If you are a slave, your Master/Mistress can take care of it themselves or bring it to the ISA whom will inform the IG. But rape? Absolutely not. All you should get for crying your woe of rape to anyone is a shoulder to cry on, and a pat to the head and in some cases, perhaps the one you ran to will show you the meaning of rape.