Legends of Belariath

Help With Roleplay

Here you will find a variety of pages designed to answer some of the more common questions you may find yourself asking when roleplay is all a bit new and confusing. Or even when you have been around a long while but still find things baffling at times. It's OK, we all do it, but at least by reading these pages you might be able to bluff better!

General Help

  • Roleplay Terms:
    An explanation of some of the words and abbreviations that are common in roleplaying circles.
  • FAQ's:
    Frequently Asked Questions, in case you were wondering what that term meant. And this page has the answers to some of them.
  • Desdaemona Commands:
    Desdaemona will always do what you want, so long as you ask properly...
  • What Happens Where:
    A guide to which channel hosts roleplay for which shop or other location.

Guides Written By Players

Augustus Coldfist

Some views on the practice and applications of necromancy.


Choosing and using the tools of the trade for anyone who fights with physical weapons and anyone who wears armor.


A guide to using the diced combat system.


A guide to freeforming combat.

Morgan Drakewing

Stepping Out in Belariath - A series of guides to roleplaying in The Lonely Inn