Legends of Belariath

Help With Technical Stuff

This area aims to give you some basic information about getting to the online roleplay if you are new to using IRC. We can't give you complete assistance because things tend to keep changing and information goes out of date. But there should be enough here to get you started and to find out the rest of it as you go along.

Finding the Lonely Inn

The Lonely Inn (TLI) is the most commonly used term for roleplaying Belariath online. The reason is historical in that we only started with a single roleplaying channel under that name, but it's stuck and seems destined to stay that way.

Basic IRC Commands

A very short primer to getting started communicating on IRC

Networks, Security and IRC

It can be rather intimidating understanding and trusting a new online medium when there are so many parasites and hostile people on the internet. This document aims to remove some of the mystery.