Legends of Belariath

Legends and Stories

Where would any fantasy world be without it's legends? Those mythic tales of spine-chilling monsters, evil wizards and beautiful princesses, which just could be true? Those fabulous sagas of mighty heroes battling fearsome dragons to win a mountain of gold and gems? Or even the more prosaic stories of day to day life in a world very different to our own? I can't answer that. Because you won't find any such absence here and it was a rhetorical question anyway. One intended to lead in gradually towards the fact that we have simply hundreds of stories within these pages, all just awaiting your click to transport you away to their mysterious realms.

Yes, that's right, mysterious realms. Some of the stories you will find here relate to the world of Belariath, but not all of them. That's why they are contained in a section called Legends. Legends in a legendary world, what an odd concept if you stop to think about it. Would tales about real life be considered legendary to the people who live in Belariath? Most likely they would; towers so tall they touch the sky, fabulous flying machines, oracles that sit in boxes in the corner of every home and so many more incredible devices. Legendary stuff indeed! But then it would be a bit of a cheat to do that to you. After all, you came here to escape from the familiar wonders of real life for a while - looking to discover wonders of a different type. Well, here they are! This is what you wanted! Every story one of fabulous fantasy! So why wait any longer? Click the lists of authors above and dive right in!

Oh hold on! Just before you dash off, the obligatory bits...

All of these stories were written by players here, past or present. All of them are used here with the permission of the authors, who retain copyright to their own works. The management takes no responsibility for any nervous breakdowns, sexual compulsions, or severe disappointments about how boring your real life is, that you may experience as a result of reading any of these stories. It's all self-inflicted once you click any of those links. And we haven't got any money anyway, so go sue Walmart instead.