The Auction Block

In the center of the bazaar is a wooden platform, simply made, almost stage-like except for the fact that there are solid blocks of wood spaced evenly across the center of it. Attached to these blocks are "O" rings; two on the surface, one on each of the four sides (left, right, back, front). The two on the surface are for the ankles, left and right are for wrists, back and front are for neck, waist, or both. Chains can be used to allow standing, otherwise whomever is placed on the block will be in a crouched position.

Also noticable is a small shack that can fit four people comfortably, including a small desk and chair. Here the Registrars can be found. Moved from working in the isolated Imperial Slave Authority building in the forest, these ISA workers can now be more easily reached for slave registrations, uncollarings, and questions regarding the policies of the ISA. From time to time this small building will also be used by Slavers, Auctioneers and Imperial Guards when the occassion rises.

A building of particular interest, that is in connection with this area of the bazaar, is an old horse stone walled barn that is within view of the Auction Block. Though what is housed within the dozen stall building is anything but horses. Converted into a slave pen, the dozen stalls having been nade into cells. So they can hold those awaiting trial. The corral has been remodeled so that it is now caged rather than simply fenced, thereby preventing any escape. It is within this slave pen that slaves captured, and brought in from far and wide, both by wandering slavers as well as the caravans that belong to the Empire, sent out by Stormbringer's command, are kept until sold. As well as those who have committed crimes and are awaiting enslavement for their punishments

Slave Auctions

From time to time the empire will arrange a slave auction to assist slavers and others who wish to buy or sell slaves. Anyone can bid for slaves at these events and they will go to the highest bidder (subject to OOC consent). Auctions will take place in the #TLI-Town channel on the auction block.

Details of forthcoming auctions will be posted on the Message Board in plenty of time.

How the Auction Works


The Slave Authority receives a commission on all slaves sold at auction:

This fee is deducted from the money the seller receives.


(OOC Note: All slave purchases require the informed OOC consent of all involved.)