The Bank

Watchfully you enter the Bank, walking up to the teller with your pouch jingling, full of coin and full of dreams. You stare at him, to get his attention. At last he looks up from his books and his strongboxes, staring back at you pointedly.


The Bank in Nanthalion is not a place that gains profit by collecting interest from what it holds for others. Rather, trust the man behind the counter, behind the curtain of thick steel bars that protect him from you…or maybe you from him.

In his pale and ancient eyes see the intelligence there, and forget how his hand trembles as he takes the coins you slip into the slot and places them in trust for you.

He is not afraid of you, or anyone. He is old beyond time. And wise beyond your years.

He nods, but does not smile. And he goes back to his books and sheaves of parchment, his counting and his numbers. Lick your lips at all the coin that you know he must have in possession; but remember, he keeps it as safe as he keeps yours.

The bank does not use any human staff. All transactions are handled by Desdaemona. To pay money into the bank, or make a withdrawal, visit the Town. Make sure Desdaemona is there and that you have logged in your character. You can then use the commands:

where xxx is the number of mehrials you want to move. Transactions cannot include coppers.

NOTE: While the bank is played as an actual location within the town, it should not be thought of as being any sort of modern equivalent. It does not offer loans and credit cards, for example. Rather, it is an IC facility which exists mainly for OOC reasons. The primary reasons it exists is to avoid charcaters to need to carry around massive amounts of money, and to enable them to take reasonable action to avoid the attentions of thieves while still leaving that class room to operate.

So rather than think of it in terms of a modern bank, think of it as an IC convenience which actually represents the character having hidden away a large part of their money under the bed, or buried beneath a blasted oak, etc.