Society of Bards and Artisans

The Artists' Ambit

Our purpose: To be a society for the encouragement of the arts and the instruction of skills in fields related to them. Historically, many societies have been defined by their contributions to the world of art. The purpose of this Society is to nurture and encourage all who seek to engage in artistic endeavors and the recognition, acceptance, and acknowledgement of those efforts towards the betterment of Nanthalion and Belariath as a whole.

Bards Hall

The Artists`Ambit sits within a curtain of pine trees in town, the building is of cedar wood and has stained glass windows in front, and inside is one huge room with an adjoining kitchen. On the outer side of the building parameter there are eaves and pillars to shield work done by sculptors to protect them from the weather outside while completing statues or larger pieces that can not fit inside of the building.

When walking in the fireplace flickers with two large cushioned chairs and a small couch by it. In the center of the large room there are long tables with chairs so artists and writers may sit and work. There are dancing poles on the side, instrument stands, easels, and tools to hone one’s instrument and art.

Turning to the right side of the building there is a small open kitchen for snacks and drinks to be made, a supply of tea, coffee, and baked goods can be found in the cupboard. The walls have been painted an off white, and it is suggested instead of painting pictures mural size smaller pictures like graffiti art may be placed there and signed by the artist. Bookshelves are supplied with ample paper, canvas, and charcoal. There is such a large supply, and when that dwindles Tehya will resupply the shelves.

Visiting the Bards Hall

Those that play an instrument are asked to bring them to the structure to discuss current tunes they are working on, and lessons will be held by anyone wanting to mentor or teach their craft. The Artists’Ambit is always open, and if anyone needs anything, they know the Imperial bard will help them.

Remember that to become well taught one must earn their instruments, paint sets, and even costumes for dancing since it makes the person a better artist.