The Baths

Just west of town and south of the lonely inn that serves the town sits the lovely stone building that is the bathhouse.The vegetation is heavy around the old structure,vines climbing up the sides of the building and around the gates.The steps leading up to the old massive oak doors are worn from much traffic and the stone structure though large is not colossal of size but rather rudimentary if not giving one that unworldly feel.Upon the doors are carved a kraken on the left and a mermaid on the right side. Despite the heavy appearance of the doors, they swing open with ease for those entering.

As you step down the small flight of steps when you enter the baths, you realize that the building on the inside is set receded about five feet from ground level as you enter the foyer. Light cast from oil lamps along the wall provides illumination within the structure and the smell of perfume oils and soaps are heavy in the air.The humid atmosphere reaches outwards along with the thin tendrils of wispy smoke which billows from each lamp, helping to create a hazy effect that gives one the feel of surrealness. You see a long rope hanging with bells attached and as you pull on the rope, those bells ring out in a echoing like sound emanating out calling out to a waiting bath attendant no doubt. The water gives rise to misty steam from the heat of the hot springs feeding the pools and races of all sorts can be seen bathing in the bath.

Off to the sides are rooms with small archways.The smaller archway just to the right, you will notice is the office of the bathhouse where the Manager and Mistress of the Bath House conducts any and all business and some thatís more of a relaxing touch.From another archway you spy an attendant moving back to the rear of the bathhousecarrying a tray of bathing oils and soaps, then disappearing down the steps that are in the back. Paying customers that wish a more private experience and are willing to roll over 2 meherial can ease within the smaller structures of a steaming door archway.

Having experienced the relaxing quality of the bathhouse as you depart on your way, one might realize the bathhouse had been built over a series of underground hot springs that flow and ebb under the town of Nanthalion, a regal charm to the building and certainly one that gives a long lasting impression.

Pixie/Nixie cubbyhole bathing pool

The pixie and nixie bathing pool is set upon a small ledge within the main chamber of the bathing pools. Cascading steaming water flows from a natural source and coils within this smallest of stone carved bowls and then eased over the lip to splash into one of the many bathing pools found within the Baths themselves.

Not very large but big enough for these little fae like races it offers a bit of a lip for them to sit upon and chatter up a storm. Soothing is the look of it and from time to time, one has seen a pixie leap from the ledge to the larger pool below it. All in good fun they say. All in good fun.

Price List

Entry to the public baths and use of soap and towels is free, being covered by the 10mh monthly fee paid to the Inn.

Additional Services

All massages include the cost of oil. Paying for a Baths slave to provide any additional service gives the right to use that slave for sex if desired, at no additional charge. Baths attendants make their own private arrangements with visitors.